Jurassic Park was wrong: velociraptors did not hunt in groups

About Jurassic Park a lot has already been said and written. And even now Steven Spielberg and his cronies have a problem, because new research shows that velociraptors do not live the way they live in Jurassic Park to do. The dinosaurs would not hunt in groups at all, but all on their own.

Jurassic Park is a classic. Whether you are a fan of the movie or not. But meanwhile it has been shown several times that the 1993 print was not always entirely correct when it comes to dinosaurs.

For example, it turned out that the tyrannosaurus rex was not a fast dino at all. The T. rex reached speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. In addition, the sounds that the dinosaurs make are also obtained in a rather special way: sex.

Not hunting in groups

And now there is another example to add to that list. Because research on fossils has shown that velociraptors do not hunt in groups at all, while they do that Jurassic Park do well. Scientists examined fossils of the Deinonychus antirrhopus.

That is not the same as a velociraptor, but according to research the two species had a lot in common. The scientists have discovered that the teeth of the older dinosaurs had different isotopic carbon ratios.

That is a difficult word, but in concrete terms it means that young and old dinosaurs did not have the same diet. That in turn means that parents do not feed their young, and that dinosaurs do not hunt in groups.

Smaller prey

One of the study authors claimed that velociraptors probably hunted alone. The reason for that? “Living dinosaurs (birds) and their relatives (crocodilians) do not usually hunt in groups, and rarely hunt prey larger than themselves.”

Memorable scenes in which people in kitchens are chased by different velociraptors are therefore probably no more than that: memorable. But not really. But then again: in Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (extinct for millions of years) are walking around in modern times.


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