Justin Bieber has lost lyrics during the first concert in years

“I’ve lost the text,” said Bieber, as can be seen from images shared via social media. Bieber ushered in the year from the roof of a Beverly Hills hotel. The location of the concert was kept secret in the hope that it would not attract a crowd. That largely worked, although photos show that there were a number of fans at the show.

For them, and for everyone who watched via a livestream, Bieber had a surprise in store in the form of a new single. The singer announced the arrival of ‘Anyone’ earlier, but played the song for the first time on Thursday evening. Immediately after the New Year’s concert, the video clip appeared, in which Bieber à la Rocky Balboa steps into the boxing ring.

“I can’t think of a better way to end 2020 and start 2021,” Bieber said earlier of his new single and New Years show. “Music has helped us so much this year, it has been healing for me personally.”

Justin described his new single as ‘a hopeful’ song. “It sets the tone for a wonderful new year full of hope and possibilities.”


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