JVC KD DB622BT: car radio in the test (2022)

Anyone who has already converted their car to a DAB+-capable radio can also install additional features with the right radio. One of these radios is the JVC KD-DB622BT. In addition to receiving DAB+ stations, it also offers a Bluetooth function, it can play music from USB sticks and it has a CD slot. In the 2022 AUTO BILD car radio test, it scored 238 out of a possible 300 points, giving it a rating of 2.2 (“good”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • intuitive operation
  • Clear control panel
  • Good equipment

Price €139.99


The JVC has a very extensive equipment. It is one of the few DAB+ radios that still has a CD slot. There is also a USB and an Aux port. Several mobile phones can be connected via Bluetooth. The hands-free system is equipped with an external microphone. You have to do without a subwoofer connection with the KD-DB622BT. However, it can be controlled via an app. The color of the display is freely adjustable and can be adapted to the interior lighting of the car. Very commendable: A DAB+ antenna is included in the scope of delivery and does not have to be bought separately. Rating: 33 out of 45 points.


The installation instructions are a great help when installing the radio. It guides you through the individual steps in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The assembly of the included DAB+ antenna is a bit cumbersome, but is also explained very well. If the car is equipped with DIN plugs, connecting the radio is very easy, because a suitable adapter is included in the scope of delivery. Unfortunately, JVC did not include an FM adapter, so you have to buy it separately if you need it. However, with an installation depth of 15.6 centimetres, the radio is very large – this can become a problem during installation in many cars. valuation: 35 out of 50 points.


The user manual for the JVC KD-DB622BT is clear and easy to understand – and this also applies to the control panel of the radio. Although it looks a bit overloaded at first glance, the functions of the buttons are easily recognizable. In addition, the buttons are very large and therefore easy to feel while driving.

It’s a bit more cumbersome to establish a Bluetooth connection with the radio. The radio saves the connection and quickly restores it when the mobile phone is nearby. Playing music files via Bluetooth is just as easy as playing the files from a USB stick. With the USB stick, you can either switch between the music files or between the folders at the touch of a button.

Finding radio stations is easy in both FM and DAB+ modes. The stations found can be saved at the touch of a button. The reception of FM and DAB+ stations is mostly stable, but there were slight dropouts in the tunnel. The hands-free system transmits phone calls clearly and clearly, but you can hear the person you are talking to in the car a little quieter than the music you were listening to before. valuation: 132 out of 150 points.


An unusual error occurred in our test of the JVC KD-DB622BT: In the first test run, the buttons suddenly stopped responding. The radio could not be turned up or down, nor could the music source or radio station be changed. We then ran the radio through several test runs, but the error did not occur again and was therefore not reproducible. We don’t want to deprive the KD-DB622BT of all points, but it has to lose a few points here.

It’s a shame, because otherwise the quality of the radio is really very good. The lighting of the radio can be easily dimmed using the car’s light switch, and the material and workmanship also appear to be of very high quality. valuation: 36 out of 55 points.


The dropout during the test is a pity, because otherwise the JVC KD-DB622BT is a really good all-rounder. Although the design is very large, which can lead to space problems during installation, the workmanship looks high-quality and the operation is very intuitive. The reception is good, as is playing external music sources. But since the dropout did not occur again despite extensive tests, this radio is still worth recommending.

Facts about the JVC KD-DB622BT:

Furnishing: CD, USB with charging function, AUX, Bluetooth, control via app, hands-free system
Playback formats:
4 x 50 watts
169 euros (RRP)

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