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K3’s hit writer Miguel Wiels quits after 23 years: ‘Grateful and proud’

From All colours until Kuma Hey and from Grandmas at the Top till the Hippie Shake: there is a good chance that Miguel Wiels co-wrote these K3 hits. After 23 years, 248 songs and 22 albums, the lyricist and composer quits, he writes in an Instagram post. Wiels says he is ‘Grateful and proud’ of the past 23 years.

In the farewell post, Miguel Wiels thanks his fellow composers, lyricists and the 7 K3’ers with whom he has collaborated. The public will also receive a word of thanks. “Thank you audience for a fantastic ride that lasted 23 years”, the composer writes with a series of photos.

Words of thanks from old K3s

The post stirs up a lot among former colleagues and fans. Former K3 member Kristel Verbeke responds: “For 23 years with 7 women on your roof… That alone deserves a medal! Most stubborn ever, but we couldn’t have done it without you…. Never enjoy being on a stage more than close to you. ”

Also ex-K3 member Kathleen Aerts responds full of praise to the message from her former colleague. “Hey Mickey, nothing but beautiful memories of our time in the studio and on stage. Now maybe you have time to come to South Africa with your family? Always welcome!”

‘Thanks for all those nostalgic hits’

The news that the composer is about to leave K3 hits many fans like a bomb. Thanks are raining on Twitter and Instagram, especially from older fans who grew up with K3’s music.

It started with ‘Heyah Mama’

K3 became famous in one fell swoop in 1999 when the three-member music group took part in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Heyah Mama. K3 did not advance to the next round, but released the song as a single. In the text of Heyah Mama can be heard that children were not the target group at that time. The text is called sexist. It was later confirmed that K3 was still targeting young people and young adults at the time. After that, the target group was adjusted to children. They reacted very positively to the music.

Watch the performance of K3 in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 below. Heyah Mama was the first big K3 hit that Wiels wrote. The lyricist told it AD that he wrote the song in a back room in the Belgian village of Beervelde.

Earlier this year it was announced that Klaasje will be leaving K3. The search for a replacement is in full swing. It has not yet been announced who will replace Miguel Wiels.

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K3’s hit writer Miguel Wiels quits after 23 years: ‘Grateful and proud’


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