Kabe Travel Master Royal x780 LGB: Motorhome test

This Swede comes with broad shoulders and plenty of space

What is considered good form in the USA causes astonished looks in Europe: With a body width of almost two and a half meters, the new semi-integrated from Kabe sets standards. AUTO BILD REISEMOBIL has checked the space gain.

HToday we’re swimming against the trend. While the whole world is relying on panel vans and narrow, semi-integrated vehicles, we are grabbing the exact opposite. Of the Swedish manufacturer Kabe has with the Royal series Semi-integrated with a body width of a full 2.45 meters brought on the market. This is only surpassed by very thick truck-based liners such as the Vario Signature or the Concorde Centurion GST, which even crack the 2.50 meter mark. What we mainly want to find out in our test: do the ten centimeters more body width compared to normal semi-integrated models really bring it? And: Is it possible to swim stress-free in traffic with such a buzz?

Travelers can enjoy stretching anywhere

Kabe Royal x780 LGB

Expansive L-Dinette with side bench. The width of the body becomes clear at the transition to the driver’s cab.

© Sven Krieger / AUTO BILD

That’s him: A large motorhome to feel good based on the Mercedes Sprinter, the plenty of luxury offers. This can be seen in the posh workmanship, but mainly in the perfect room climate. This is achieved through the use of a Hot water underfloor heating with additional convectors and separate cab heating achieved – and through the special sandwich wall structure. Its patented plastic profiles have air channels, and the aluminum inner layer for optimal heat conduction is also provided with a breathable wallpaper that allows moisture to evaporate. It also ensures nice acoustics. The room air can circulate freely behind the furniture. And: The extra portion of space is clearly noticeable! There’s no pinching anywhere here, travelers can enjoy stretching everywhere. For example in the L-shaped seating areawhose bench is adjustable and even has fold-out armrests. Or at the Corner kitchen, in which the extractor hood and oven come as standard. And especially in the large single beds, which are among the most convenient known to us. Only the full bath does not offer more freedom of movement than usual.

Camping accessories to offer

Reimo sun canopy Mauritius

Price *: 149.00 euros

Skandia Moonchair Sirkka

Price *: 69.95 euros

Frankana Freiko Resty garbage separator

Price *: 17.50 euros

Paramondo awning

Price *: 499.00 euros

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso machine

Price *: 89.90 euros

* Price: Amazon price on September 7th, 2021

Clever solutions for a comfortable life on board

Kabe Royal x780 LGB

The wide structure fills narrow streets to the full – but with a little practice driving is child’s play.

© Sven Krieger / AUTO BILD

He has: As standard Everything your heart desires. That also explains that juicy cost price. From the smart home operating system to router, MBUX, ambient lighting, 130 Ah battery, adjustable headboards in the bed, gas-pressure dampened cabinet flaps, the wide Hartal body door, panorama skylight, TV preparation with pull-out and antenna, reinforced alternator, cruise control, multifunction steering wheel and Air conditioning is everything on board. To be added clever solutions for a comfortable life on board. These include the drying cabinet with drip tray for wet rain jackets in the cloakroom, wire baskets for small items on the wardrobe doors, the massive one-hand flap locks, ergonomically shaped cushions and clothes hooks where they are needed – but not the trip hazard between the body and the driver’s cab. This is how he drives: Not as extensive as feared. Only in particularly narrow lanes is increased attention required when there is oncoming traffic. Large exterior mirrors and the standard rear-view camera are great for maneuvering. The landing gear is comfortably tuned, the noise insulation succeeded, and with the standard automatic and the powerful engine, things are going absolutely relaxed.

Conclusion: Yes, the wide structure fits on our streets! It brings a noticeable gain in space. Combined with the fine materials and the great workmanship, the Kabe becomes a first-class holiday companion.

Technical specifications
Motorization Four-cylinder diesel 418 CDI
power 130 kW (177 hp) at 3800 rpm
Displacement 2143 cm3
Torque 400 Nm at 1800 rpm
Top speed 100 km / h (> 3.5 t)
Gearbox / drive Nine speed automatic / front wheel
Tank capacity / type of fuel 92 l diesel + 22 l AdBlue
Length Width Height 8060/2450/2980 mm
Wheelbase / tires 4800 mm / 225/75 R 16 CP
Empty weight ready to drive / payload 3660/496 kg
Trailer load (braked / unbraked) 2000/750 kg
Material wall / roof / floor Alu / Alu / wood sandwich
Wall / roof / floor thickness 38/38/45 mm
Lying area rear L x W 2x 1960 x 820 mm
Lying area fold-down bed L x W 1980 x 1050-1380 mm
Dinette L x W bed area 2230 x 915-1380 mm
Fridge / freezer AES, 153/29 l
stove Gas, 3 flames
Board battery AGM, 12 V / 130 Ah
Fresh / waste water tank 90/90 l
Gas supply / heating 2x 11 kg / Alde Compact 3020 HE with electric cartridge plus Webasto diesel auxiliary heating
Base price / test car price 124,010 / 132,836 euros

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