Kaege Retro “Joker”: Why the purple 911 costs 300,000 euros

Lila Joker is a retro 911 with 300 HP!

Modern technology in a classic tin dress, that’s the Kaege Retro “Joker” based on a Porsche 911. The backdate model has a whopping 300 hp – and is purple!

Restomods and backdate 911s in the old look with modern technology emerged in the zero years. Reinventing air-cooled 911s Roger Kaege also wrote that. Kaege takes that classic F model as a role model, but under the body of a Kaege Retro 993 technology – in contrast to products from many other providers that use older 964 technology. In order to keep costs down, as many original components as possible are taken over. Most recently, Kaege delivered a spectacular Restomod 911, the first to Asia: it is “The Joker”.

Built in 1994, scarce Run 100,000 kilometers

Modern retro 911 with 300 hp

The joker’s face is lasered in the headrests and also immortalized on the dashboard.

The client is William Lai from Hong Kong, who got rich with Chinese medicine and has been crazy about cars for decades. Lai looked for a restomod in 2017 and came across Kaege Retro. Lai’s particular problem: he had to deliver a right-hand drive donor vehicle that had already received approval in Hong Kong. As a suitable vehicle Lai found a 911 Built in 1994, scarce Run 100,000 kilometers and in good condition. However, in getting used to the color: Purple! Although repainting is included with a new build, Lai wanted to keep the color. The occasion was a comic book by Batman and its famous adversary, the joker, the Lai caught the eye. Roger Kaege got down to work and created a one-of-a-kind piece that is admired in Hong Kong.

Engine power increased to 300 hp

Modern retro 911 with 300 hp

Colorful, individualized cockpit based on 993. The passengers sit on Recaro bucket seats.

Kaege is very pragmatic when it comes to the renovation. He receives almost the entire series technology from the 993, just that Chassis and exhaust system have been redesigned. An advantage for William Lai, he can have his car repaired in any Porsche workshop worldwide. The driver sits in the interior of the “Joker” Recaro bucket seatsthat are finished with a mixture of woven leather and felt. The joker’s profile is lasered in the headrests and also immortalized as a symbol on the dashboard. The 272 hp boxer engine was made with serial technology from Porsche increased to 300 hp. It has a top speed of 275 km / h.

Remodeling for 295,000 euros

Modern retro 911 with 300 hp

William Lai prefers to drive the “Joker” on winding roads in the hinterland of Hong Kong.

Thanks to an elaborate carbon finish with 37 individual parts, the car weighs in the end a whopping 160 kilograms less than the donor vehicle. A specially tuned KW coilover sits under the sheet. Unusual for such a vehicle: the joker is driven in everyday life. Lai uses it every day to get from his housing estate in Hong Kong to the underground car park of his office. Overall, Bill Lai has on his dream car Waited 20 months and 295,000 euros paid, but only thanks to the lack of VAT, as the car is shipped abroad. For German customers are at least 351,000 euros due.


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