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Kale stew voted the national dish and beats …

When you think of the Netherlands and food, you probably quickly think of a croquette sandwich, liquorice and kale. The latter, stew of kale to be precise, has now been voted the national dish.

From now on, the Netherlands has a real national dish, if it is the accessible scientific journal Quest lies. Quest held a poll among the readers and stew of kale has thus been voted national dinner.

What follows after the stew of kale?

The ‘kale stamp’ thus beat other typical Dutch dishes such as snert and kapsalon.

The Netherlands has a national color: orange. We have our own Dutch holiday on King’s Day. Since 2015 there has even been a national bird: the black-tailed godwit. But we didn’t have a national dish yet. So went Quest looking. The outcome of that search: according to the Dutch surveyed, stew of kale is the national snack.

Unadulterated cup of coffee on two

In a poll on the magazine presented a variety of typical Dutch dishes to more than 2,400 respondents. From stew of kale and stew to crisps, and from ‘AGV’ (potatoes, vegetables and meat) and pancakes to hairdressing salon. Of all those dishes, stew of kale was most often designated as a ‘national dish’, followed closely by snert. At a greater distance from the kale and pea soup, fries with frikandel special, stew and that abbreviation, AGV, followed.

The magazine also discussed food at the end of March. Then it figured out what the unhealthiest snack is.

Kale has a short cut to the plate

Culinary historian Charlotte Kleyn was asked why kale stew is so popular. She says in the magazine that we are dealing with ‘a really warm inside dish, for when it’s cold outside’. “That suits the Netherlands well.” According to her, the profit can also be explained by the agricultural history of the Netherlands. “Kale and potatoes are growing well here. That makes the way to the board very short. ” And so an easy and quick to consume, nutritious dish without frills was created. So very Dutch.

Side note on the stew

There are also comments to be made with kale. So gives Quest for example, that potatoes only found their way to our country from Latin America a few centuries ago. Kale stew is therefore not a typical national dish. This is not a problem for the participants in the study. The combination of kale and potatoes is typically Dutch. More about the poll can be read in the latest Quest, which has been given the theme ‘group feeling’.

Do you spontaneously feel hungry now that it is still quite cold outside? Maybe this kale recipe will benefit you, which also requires bacon and white cabbage.

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Kale stew voted the national dish and beats …


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