Kanye quits the American presidential race

Kanye West will not be running for the presidential election in the United States. The rapper announced about 10 days ago that he would make a bid for the presidency, but he is already scrambling back from it.

President Kanye West, it was something that some people already liked, others not at all. A recent poll found that in total, Kanye could hold such – hold on – two percent of voters. So he clearly had no chance against the main candidates current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. That is why the rapper now keeps the honor to himself and quits the race.

Kanye for president

Kanye joked about it in the past, but apparently he really meant it. He wanted to run for the presidency of the United States. On July 5, Kanye announced that he wanted to become the next US president. He did that, as we are used to from Kanye, with a tweet. He then also shared some of his program points.

Several supporters have come up in recent days, including a short one endorsement by Elon Musk. But Kanye was not convincing among the general public. In a recent poll, he got stuck at a meager 2 percent, which is why he has now decided to throw in the towel. In the same poll, Joe Biden gained a convincing 48 percent, while current President Donald Trump stuck at 39 percent. Kanye was in third place and outperformed libertarian Jo Jorgensen and green candidate Howie Hawkins.


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