Kanye West ends up in hospital for “texting too much”

Kanye West shares his entire life with his fans via social media. And of course a hospital visit cannot be missing from his feed. The rapper / entrepreneur / presidential candidate ended up in hospital earlier this week, according to his own words by sending too many text messages.

Fans of Kanye West panic when they got to see a video of the rapper at the doctor via Twitter. It shows how a doctor gives the musician a syringe in his hand. “The lidocaine worked immediately !!!”, it sounded enthusiastically.

“It will take another 24 to 48 hours for the dexamethasone to start working,” West wrote. “Modern Medicine.” Then an emoji of a skier followed.

“Too many text messages”

A few hours later, Kanye West shared another update on his hospital visit. Fans were shown an X-ray of his hand. “Too many text messages sent broHe wrote. “I got a mix of cortisone and a spark of lidocaine.”

We doubt whether Kanye West actually ended up in hospital because he sent “too many text messages”. What did happen then remains a mystery for the time being.


Meanwhile, Kanye West has already received some bad news from several US states. For example, judges in Arizona and Virginia ruled earlier this month that the rapper / fashion designer cannot be included on the ballots.

In Arizona, the problem is that West is still a registered member of the Republican party. Virginia refused his application because the signatures it collected “were obtained by improper, fraudulent, and / or misleading means or are otherwise invalid for notarial trespasses and misconduct”.

Presidential candidate Kanye West himself proudly shared “all the states” in which he does appear on the ballot paper: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Vermont, West Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Minnesota, and Tennessee.


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