Kanye West gets temporary ban from Twitter

Kanye West has gone into battle with Universal and Sony over its contracts. The rapper describes that contract as a slave contract and wants to get out of it. That is why he has been very active on Twitter for several days now. He keeps his fans informed about the case and shared screenshots of his contracts, but that wasn’t all.

Rapper and (yes, still) presidential candidate Kanye West is again remarkably active on Twitter these days. He uses the medium to share his displeasure with the music industry. He mainly targets Universal and Sony and the contracts he has with the companies.

Slave contract

“I will not release music until I have completed my contract with Sony and Universal,” the Twitterrant from Kanye West about the music industry. In the meantime, a few days have passed and Kanye has already shared a lot of data, including his full contract with Universal. The rapper first tried to share that contract via PDF, but eventually had to send screenshots of every page.

Kanye also demanded an apology from Drake and J. Cole. The two would have both served Kanye in their songs. Drake is all about Laugh Now Cry Later, with lyrics like “Distance between us is not like a store, this isn’t a closeable gap, ayy / I seen some n **** s attack and don’t end up makin ‘it back“. This would refer to Kanye’s sponsorship deal with the Gap brand. With J. Cole it’s about the number False Prophets. In it he raps: “When he tell us he’s a genius but it’s clearer lately, it’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately“. The “genius” would thus refer to Kanye who is only too happy to describe himself as a genius.

Finally, Kanye also shared a video showing him urinating at one of his Grammy Awards. In doing so, he shared the message: “Believe me, I will not stop”. With this tweet he wants – in a very plastic way – to express his dissatisfaction with the music industry again. It has been a busy few days for Kanye’s Twitter fans, but recently there has been radio silence on his account. And that is not without reason, because Kanye West’s account has been temporarily suspended by Twitter.


Kanye West was banned for 12 hours. That showed his friend was banned from Twitter for 12 hours. Actor and personal friend of Kanye Rick Fox said this on his account on Twitter. The reason for the ban is that Kanye leaked private data from Chief Content Officer Randall Lane.

Kanye shared a screenshot of the Randall Lane song in one of his many tweets. In doing so, he shared the message: “If any of my fans wants to call a white supremist … this is the Forbes editor.” Twitter’s Oliver Darcy then said Kanye’s profile was banned until the rapper deleted the tweet about Randall Lane. The tweet is still on Kanye’s profile for now, but has been hidden by Twitter.


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