Kanye West pees on Grammy Award out of discontent with the music industry

The American rapper Kanye West posted a tweet yesterday with video in which he pees on his own Grammy Award. This post comes after a lot of other posts about the workings of the music industry.

The artist is unhappy with how musicians are treated in the industry. The rights and masters, the original recordings of music are often not with the artists themselves, but with larger companies. You have a lot of different options, but West joined Sony and Universal.

“I promise we’ll be free”

“Contracts across all industries now need to be simplified,” Kanye West said on Twitter. “Complex contracts are how companies, music companies and sports take advantage of talent. We will expose these contracts and make them transparent. Now we support new talent, startups and adjust all old contracts. ”

With this, West started his Twitter explosion. “In the streaming world there is a master everything … That’s most of the income … During COVID, artists have their masters necessary… It’s more important than ever before. ” : “I need an army of angels to keep me as I draw this sword from the stone… I need everyone’s prayers… I promise we’ll be free and masters will possess, but this time we must be faithful to God. ”

“When you sign a music deal, you sign your rights away. Without the masters you can’t do anything with your own music. Someone else decides where and when it is played. Artists have nothing to do with fame, touring and merchandise ”, West said.

“Contemporary Slavery”

“We feel comfortable not having what we deserve… they give us the opportunity to make a little money by touring, buying some gold chains and alcohol and making fake songs that feed our ego… But our masters are not ours ”, he continues a few hours later. “I am the only person who can speak about this because I have made billions outside of music. No other musician made billions from music. I’m going to change this. And I know a lot of musicians are not allowed to say anything, but I can’t be silenced or canceled, so I’m going to say everything as always. ”

“I forgive anyone in the music industry who deals with modern slavery. Vengeance is from the Lord. ” Kanye West now wants to buy his own rights from the companies, but this doesn’t seem to work. Because after this, West posts a screenshot of every page of his contracts. And the rapper asks for help. “Here are my ten Universal contracts … I need every attorney in the world to review them.”


To show his dissatisfaction once again, the rapper posted the video in which he puts a Grammy Award in the toilet and pees on it. “Trust me … I WILL NOT STOP,” says West. “ALL MUSICIANS WILL BE FREE.”

During his statements, West also posted contact details of a journalist from Forbes magazine on Twitter. He was angry with that person for being a “white ruler.” But that content is personal and Twitter immediately deleted the post. In addition, the rapper now also has to wait 12 hours before he can access his Twitter account again.


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