Karina lashes out fiercely: ‘I was driven mad by Temptation Island’

According to her, the contact with Daryl mainly took place when she was in a drunken state and she was definitely not rubbing scuffs in the front of his jeans all evening. In the video, the Temptation Islandstar to highlight her side of the story as well as possible. “I was really mad there,” she confesses.

You’d think candidates saw the previous seasons and read the stories, but Karina doesn’t seem to have a clue what to expect. “Instead of showing me that Greg (her boyfriend, ed.) Is crying …” By this she refers to the annoying images she did get to see, such as her boyfriend approaching other women.

At times it seems that Karina feels used for the entertainment. She says that after two hours of sleep she was put in front of the camera to record quotes. “I don’t feel like it at all.” Little sleep and the unhealthy lifestyle also caused another problem: she was so tired that even her voice changed. “I get so many responses: ‘you talk so slow’.”

How things are going now between Gregory and Karina, Greg tells himself in the episode below Love Therapy.


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