Kaufland deletes advertising with Michael Wendler after just a few hours

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“Regal: I can find what I need there. And there are also young vegetables. ”Michael Wendler rewrote his hit“ Egal ”for a promotional video with the Kaufland discount chain. Singing happily in sunglasses, he drives his shopping trolley through a branch and is happy about beer, biohack and ready meals. By the way, by the young vegetables he means his 28 years younger wife Laura Müller – who also plays in the clip.

The clip was about fun and irony, writes Kaufland on Twitter. Indeed, the clip quickly went viral. But then the shock for the Dicounter chain: Just a few hours after the video went online, her advertising face suddenly spreads crude conspiracy theories on his Instagram channel.

Among other things, he accuses the federal government of “gross and serious violations of the constitution and the Basic Law” in the Corona crisis and announces his withdrawal from the jury of the RTL show “Germany is looking for the superstar”. He accused the broadcaster RTL of being “synchronized”.

Part of the fee already paid

The discount chain responded promptly – and pulled the plug on the Wendler campaign just hours after it started. “According to his current statements, Mr. Wendler is no longer a suitable advertising medium for Kaufland”, the company announced – and promptly deleted the entire content.

For the now broken advertising deal, a fee of 200,000 euros had originally been agreed with the pop singer. Part of the money also flowed. It was initially unclear whether he would have to repay that. The supermarket chain declined to comment. Contractual agreements are generally treated confidentially.

What was planned as a big advertising coup turned out to be a PR disaster for Kaufland. “We produced a video that generated a lot of approval, criticism and discussion for a day,” says the company. The company rules out a future collaboration with the hit star. Clearly distance yourself from the statements.

RTL also draws conclusions

But not only Kaufland but also the TV station RTL draws conclusions – and cancels the originally planned broadcast of the church wedding of Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Müller. “The live wedding will definitely not take place at RTL,” said RTL managing director Jörg Graf on Friday. Wendler terminated the joint contract independently and without consulting and denigrated RTL, he continued. “We will examine and exhaust all legal means available to us.”


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