Kawasaki: How long have Kawasaki internal combustion engines been around?

at Kawasaki gives it up 2035 only electrified motorcycles to buy. This news is likely to happen to some Fans the Japanese for revolt care for. After all, the big motorcycle manufacturer with the eye-catching green paint accents for its razor-sharp bikes enjoys the Ninjafamily and compressor powerhouses like that Z H2 a legendary reputation around the world.
Also some engineer in Kawasaki service might be faced with this ambitious Plan pulling your hair. Because so far the Greens still have no only one E bike in the series program. Right, there is one electrical Ninja with manual transmission that EV Endeavor. And speculation suggests this prototype quite a bit of DNA from the Ninja 400 take over. But the Elektro-Kawa has so far developed very manageable 27 hp and can therefore probably safely be described as a finger exercise.

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Hybrid motorcycles and hydrogen as a drive

But from the beginning. First up is the KawasakiPlans around electrification. That said, it will both in the future battery electric motorcycles as well as those with Hybriddrive give. Ten Hybrid– or Electric motorcycles should up 2025 be included in the model range. A first Kawasaki Z 650 Ninja with an additional Electric motor on the transmission This already exists. That fits with the patent one leaked some time ago Mild hybrids.
Kawasaki EV Project

The electric prototype Kawasaki EV Endeavor looks like a ninja, but so far only has a maximum of 27 hp.

Possibly as Middle step Kawasaki develops one Compressor motor with hydrogen as fuel. This engine works with Direct injection in the combustion chamber, a novelty in a motorcycle engine. But such a unit reduces the CO2-Imprint of the Japanese seriously only when the hydrogen is completely off regenerative Energies arises.
Kawasaki Hybrid Power

In a nice teaser video, Kawasaki shows someone working on an electrified bike.

Change to e-motorcycles only in industrialized countries

Of the long term Kawasakiplan until 2035 provides that on High technologyMarkets in North America, Europe and in Asian countries like the Kawasaki home Japan switch to electrified motorcycles. For infrastructural Kawasaki reserves the right to less well-positioned countries and regions, too after 2035 still combustion engines to offer.
Kawasaki Hybrid Power

Is that the future? If Kawasaki has its way, the answer is yes.

Until the year 2025 is also used by the conventional Drives Accelerated. Average 16 new Two-wheelers should be presented each year. Ultimately, Kawasaki wants the development of Four wheeled off-road vehicles and new drives together with the Taiwanese partner Kymco drive forward and also more in the field On-board electronics to do.

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