Kaze and the Wild Masks combines 16-bit optics with its own signature in March

The jump-‘n’-run inspired by 90s classics Kaze and the Wild Masks will be released in Germany on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Google Stadia. As announced by PixelHive and publisher Soedesco, there will also be a commercial version. It appears for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One and is already listed on Amazon *.

Pixel optics and 2D platformer are not a particularly inventive combination right now. Kaze and the Wild Masks also takes its visual and musical inspiration from the 16-bit era, but would like to give it its own signature with modernized and hand-drawn pixel art.

The mechanics of the platformer should be simple and intuitive. But there should still be difficult challenges for players, iconic bosses and a lot of attention to detail are promised. Players travel through the Crystal Islands in the classic platformer style of the 90s.

Play as Kaze and save your friend Hogo from a curse that is throwing the islands into chaos. Face angry living vegetables by using the powers of the wild masks. Jump wild like a tiger, fly like an eagle through the sky, dash like a lizard and rule the sea like a shark.

Images: Kaze and the Wild Masks, Soedesco, PixelHive


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