Keanu Reeves under fire after banned party in Berlin after recording ‘Matrix 4’

German authorities are investigating rumors of a party with some 200 guests, including Keanu Reeves, that would be held to close the shooting for the film. Matrix 4 to celebrate. To get around the corona rules in the country, the party would have been disguised as a recording for the film.

Germany is also currently being hit by a second wave of the corona virus. With more than 20,000 infections a day regularly and an increasing number of hospital admissions, the government has recently also tightened the corona rules there.

Parties of up to 50 people are allowed in Berlin and the neighboring state of Brandenburg. Organizers must submit a special request for this. They must also have a hygiene plan approved by the authorities. Guests should constantly keep their distance and wear a mouth mask when not eating or drinking.

200 guests

According to the German tabloid Bild, there was before the party after the shooting of Matrix 4 no request made. The 200 guests present would have been invited as so-called extras. However, that seems to have been an excuse. “No directing directions were given, there was no clapperboard and no one was filming,” says a 39-year-old female guest in Bild.

“The atmosphere was exuberant,” she continues. “Everyone got a corona PCR test beforehand. Everyone had to come and wear a mouth mask, but as the party progressed, many people took it off. ”


The party is said to have been organized by producers Lana and Lilly Wachowski. In addition to a DJ, food, fireworks and dancers, guests could also one Matrixtattoo as a souvenir. Keanu Reeves is said to have left early along with his partner and artist Alexandra Grant.

Bianca Markarewicz, spokeswoman for Studio Babelsberg where the party took place, denies the rumors. According to her, they were indeed filming a party scene and all hygiene regulations were observed. A spokesperson for the city of Potsdam, where the event took place, has announced that the city will talk to the studio. There would have been discussions about the corona rules during the recordings before.

Filming of Matrix 4 was interrupted in March by the corona crisis. Shooting resumed in Berlin in August. The film was to be released in December 2021.


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