Keeping the catering terrace closed is not a matter of willpower

As a catering entrepreneur, how do you resist the temptation to open the terrace when that is not allowed?

It may seem like a matter of self-control. Many entrepreneurs are on the water, so whether it is persistent is the question. But the fact that, for example, some hairdressers had been cutting black for a while and others adhered to the rules has nothing to do with willpower or perseverance.

Self-control not to do what is not allowed is about something completely different.

It’s one of the psychological influences on behavior that Wendy Wood describes in her book Happy with habits. In the book she explains clearly how the traditional way of thinking about habitual behavior, temptation and self-control can be thrown away. If others perform better by sticking to the rules for longer, it has little to do with perseverance, willpower or ‘character’. Instead, they are simply better at avoiding the main temptations.

So, as a hairdresser, do you deal with many fellow entrepreneurs who already cut black? And do you, as a catering entrepreneur, talk to restaurant owners who are completely done with the forced closure? Then you make the temptation unnecessarily great in your personal environment, so that sooner or later you will give in to it.

Compare it with the goal of saving more. Some people immediately spend money as soon as it is in their account. This is often attributed to a lack of self-control. But guess what? People with a lot of self-control are just as likely to go wrong as people without that control.

It’s not about willpower, it’s about preparation. Anyone who transfers an amount to his savings account immediately after the salary, prevents him from spending it immediately.

This is also how it works for entrepreneurs who are on their lips. And for every individual who has to comply with the measures, for example by not all coming together in the Vondelpark. Only by preventing or avoiding temptations can you resist them for a long time.

There is no such thing as stronger self-control that can last you for a long time. The trick is to adapt the personal environment in which you are. So that you make better decisions in that environment, because it simply becomes a habit or it is easier.

In an environment with other entrepreneurs who adhere to the rules, it will automatically become easier to do this yourself. And in a quiet park where you do not meet other acquaintances, it is much easier to keep your distance than when you meet groups of friends in a place where it is already too busy.

Set up the environment for the behavior you want to display yourself. Then it is not a matter of willpower to stick to the measures. You prevent temptation, so that you do not have to keep controlling yourself in order not to give in to temptation.


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