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Kees van der Staaij (SGP) compares Jinek abortion with buying a set of pans

Those broadcasts from Jinek, they cause a lot of controversy every time. Also last night, when Kees van der Staaij (SGP) compared Pia Dijkstra (D66) with the comparison between an abortion and buying a pan set.

The conversation between the two politicians was about the reflection period for an abortion. At present, the law states that a woman is required to think about choosing an abortion for five days after seeing a doctor. Dijkstra wants to abolish that. According to her, that reflection period is of no use. “That assumes that a woman has not yet done that when she goes to the abortion clinic,” explains the politician. “And it is assumed that you can change your mind enormously in those five days.”

Van der Staaij: More time to think about buying a pan set

Right, women don’t need to be told how long they should or shouldn’t think about their own choices, Dijkstra also said. With her statements she sat – literally and figuratively – directly opposite Van der Staaij of the SGP. The SGP is not a fan of abortions. According to Van der Staaij, a woman now has more time to think about purchasing a pan set than about an abortion. If you have bought a pan set, you can still return it after 14 days.

Opinions are divided on Twitter: the only camp thinks it is ridiculous, calling it a “shameful comment”. Other people find the comparison “painful, but true.”

Other people praise how Van der Staaij added Jinek the debate takes place at the table: „Calm, substantive and substantiated. Pia Dijkstra seems to react mainly emotionally. And especially has the argument ‘women’s rights’, but has little regard for the rights of unborn life. ”

‘Go Pia, go!’

But of course there is also no lack of support for Dijkstra. The other side praises her for her arguments, her steadfastness and says she “wipes the floor with him.”

In any case, many people agree on the (apparently) most important argument: the woman can decide for herself how long she will or will not think about an abortion. Or about whatever. Forcing someone to think for five days while they’ve probably struggled with such a choice for a long time is quite old-fashioned.

Dijkstra also made a striking remark, with which Van der Staaij seemed to disagree: “Women are autonomous beings.”

Jinek: ‘Also five days to consider sterilization’

Finally, Eva Jinek, who led the whole bunch, drew a different comparison: “Do men also have to think about five days before sterilization?”

Watch the broadcast here.

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Kees van der Staaij (SGP) compares Jinek abortion with buying a set of pans


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