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Keezer’s Quest new hit from Lubach: ‘Never again a different voting guide’

Just like four years ago, Arjen Lubach has worked out a lot around the parliamentary elections. In 2017 it was the Kamergotchi who stole the show, now it is Keezer’s Quest that is loosening tongues in the Netherlands.

The successful presenter of Sunday with Lubach invented the Kamergotchi in the last elections. A parody of the popular Tamagotchi of yesteryear. You were supposed to keep a virtual pet alive with this Japanese toy. In the Kamergotchi you had to take care of and feed a Member of Parliament, otherwise he would die.

Henk Trol stars in Keezer’s Quest

Now Lubach has come up with something new again: the Keezer’s Quest. A rather pixel-poor game as we know it from earlier times. In the game you have to walk through a forest with your character and make choices with your character. Of course you will come across jokes that point to the House of Representatives. Think of Henk Trol, the Guild for Freedom and the Guild for the Animals.

You walk through the magical forest with your character and a dog and have to respond to dilemmas such as: whether or not a witch-sit, whether or not a poem-covering cloak in public and are children taken care of when the forest is burned down? Based on your answers to these statements, a voting advice will be issued.

Computer game

Lubach came up with the idea of ​​the Keezer’s Quest after seeing a fragment from 1998. The Stemwijzer was launched and was called a ‘computer game’ at the time. “That actually sounds much better, so we’re going back to the roots,” said Lubach.

Many people have already played the 8-bit game and absolutely love it. For example, a Twitterer says: “I don’t think I’ll ever do another voting guide.” Others enjoy the layout and take good care of the hilarious references to politicians. The game can be played online here.

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Lubach wins the internet with Keezer’s Quest: ‘Never again a different voting guide’


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