Kenwood KMM-BT506DAB: car radio in the test (2022)

Almost all new cars or recently used cars are equipped with a DAB+ radio. If you buy or drive an older car, you don’t have to do without it thanks to retrofit radios. The Kenwood KMM BT-506DAB is one of those aftermarket devices. But it can receive more than just DAB+ stations. It is also equipped with a hands-free system and Spotify can also be played directly on the radio. In the 2022 AUTO BILD car radio test, the Kenwood KMM BT-506DAB scored 278 out of a possible 300 points, giving it a grade of 1.4 (“very good”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • intuitive operation
  • Stable DAB+ and FM reception
  • very good processing quality
  • Establishing a Bluetooth connection is a bit more complex

Price €169.00

Kenwood KMM BT-506DAB car radio test

Furnishing: The scope of delivery of the Kenwood KMM-BT506DAB includes not only the end device and an external microphone for the hands-free system, but also a DAB+ antenna – not a matter of course with a DAB+ radio. Several mobile phones can be connected to the radio at the same time via Bluetooth, the same applies to the hands-free system. The KMM-BT506DAB is equipped with a USB connection, an AUX connection and four amplifier connections, you have to do without an extra connection for a subwoofer. The radio can be controlled via an app, and Spotify can also run directly via the radio.

“Equipment” rating: 38 out of 45 points

Installation: The installation instructions are clear and easy to understand. Thanks to the installation instructions, the supplied antenna can be glued easily and in the right place in the vehicle. If there are DIN plugs in the vehicle, connecting the radio is easy: an adapter is included in the scope of delivery for this purpose, which can be easily connected. The radio has a compact design and is only 10 centimeters deep, making it one of the more compact car radios. An FM adapter is not included and must be purchased separately if required.

Score “Installation”: 44 out of 50 points

Service: The operating instructions for the Kennwood KMM-BT506 DAB are just as easy to understand and clear as the installation instructions. Initialization is easy. The control panel looks clear and tidy and the functions of the buttons are recognizable at first glance. Too bad: Unfortunately, the buttons are a bit small, so you need a lot of feeling in your fingers to operate them, but the operation is still very intuitive. Switching between music sources is easy. Establishing a Bluetooth connection takes a little longer, but then runs stably and is saved. Music files from a USB stick can also be easily played from different folders. The radio reception for both FM and DAB+ operation is exemplary, there were no dropouts or problems. The stations can easily be searched for manually or automatically and then saved. The speakerphone sound quality is very crisp and clear both in the car and at the other end of the line.

Score “Service”: 141 out of 150 points

Quality: The feel of the buttons is very high quality – this also counts for the general processing quality of the radio and the accessories supplied. The radio responds and works quickly and reliably. No quiescent current can be measured when the ignition is switched off. The radio lighting can be dimmed using the vehicle’s light switch, thus avoiding dazzling when driving at night. Note that was not included in the evaluation: After twenty minutes of driving, we measured a temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius on the case. Not dangerous, but other radios stay significantly cooler in the test.

“Quality” score: 55 out of 55 points.

Conclusion: The KMM-BT506DAB from Kennwood is definitely worth recommending. The radio can be operated intuitively, the reception is very stable and the hands-free system also works clearly. The buttons seem a bit small at first, but you can get used to them.

Facts about the Kenwood KMM-BT506DAB:

Furnishing: Aux-In, USB, Bluetooth, control via app, Apple Car Play, Spotify, DAB, DAB+
Playback formats: MP3, WAV, FLAC
Perfomance: 4 x 50 watts
Price: 169.00 euros (RRP)

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