Khloé Kardashian responds to the fuss over Kim’s birthday party

There is a lot to do about Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday party. To celebrate her birthday appropriately, she held an extravagant party on an island that she had hired entirely for the occasion. Kim hasn’t responded to the fuss yet, but Khloé did in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

It is of course not exceptional that the Kardashian family has been criticized, but this week the fuss is huge. Kim Kardashian recently celebrated her 40th birthday with a huge party. Of course, that was to be expected from Kim, but the fact that she did so while the corona pandemic is causing hundreds of thousands of victims in the United States, sticks out to many.

Coronaproof Island

When Kim started sharing photos of her large-scale birthday party, people quickly started asking if it was all corona proof. According to Kim herself, that was the case. “After two weeks of several health tests and everyone’s asking to stay in quarantine, I surprised my best friends with a trip to a private island where we could pretend for a short while that everything was normal,” she wrote with her photos . But not everyone is allowed to pretend that everything is normal. Many people shared their experiences with the corona virus under Kim’s posts and how they could not even invite their close relatives to their birthday. Because not everyone has the luxury of paying for corona tests and renting a private island for everyone. Kim Kardashian herself has not yet responded directly to the fuss. But she is clearly aware of it. She wrote in an Instagram post: “Now that I have your attention, this is a reminder to vote. Six days.”

“Focusing on how beautiful it was”

But Kim’s sister Khloé has now responded directly to the commotion. She did so in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “I haven’t heard much about the fuss,” Khloé says. “But people are angry that we have all moved out of the city. I don’t know how far this all goes, but it’s been a frustrating year. I understand. I think everyone is now in a lot of frustration. But it is her fortieth birthday. That’s something she wanted to do for us and it was such a sweet gesture. ”

She also mentions that the party “with about 25 guests” was a relief for the local population on the island. “So many people told us that we were the first guests they’d seen in months and that it allowed them to finally pay their bills or do something extra for their families.”

“We felt so good and safe when we heard those messages. We really did it in the safest way we could, ”Khloé continues. “I hope Kim can focus on how beautiful it was and how much it meant to everyone. I hope this hoopla doesn’t overshadow the fun.

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