Kia EV6 (2021): Electric crossover comes with up to 584 hp

With the EV6 electric car on the new “E-GMP” electric platform, Kia is presenting the sister model of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 – with fast 800-volt technology for charging (the battery is 80 percent full again after 18 minutes), but in its own design . A sporty GT variant with 584 hp was also announced directly.

Price: The base price of the EV6 is less than 45,000 euros

The EV6 can already be ordered. the The basic version starts at 44,990 euros and is thus a good 3000 euros more expensive than the Ioniq 5. The “GT Line” equipment is available from 50,990 euros, for the top model EV6 GT Kia requires at least 65,990 euros. The first copies of the EV6 are to be delivered in 2021. The top model EV6 GT will follow in November 2022.


Kia EV6

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EV6 GT: Top model with 584 hp could replace the Stinger GT

At the presentation of the EV6, Kia announced a sporty GT variant as a top model that could replace the Stinger GT with 3.3-liter V6 and 366 hp. Compared to the magazine “Autocar”, Kia’s design boss Karim Habib indicated that the EV6 GT had “the spirit of the Stinger GT in it” and was a similarly sporty and precise vehicle. In terms of performance, that would definitely be a significant leap: The Stinger GT has a 3.3-liter V6 with 366 hp under the hood, while the two electric motors of the EV6 GT generate an impressive 584 hp (430 kW). The car is not expected to go on sale until the end of 2022, but the mileage has already been determined: 3.5 seconds from zero to one hundred and 260 km / h should be possible. There is also special locking differential software. The most powerful EV6 always comes with the larger 77.4 kWh battery; the range has not yet been finalized, but should be around 400 kilometers according to WLTP.
Kia EV6 e-GT

New details: a different grill grille, modified aprons and yellow brake calipers characterize the Kia EV6 GT.

Leasing: There are already the first deals for the electric Kia

With the start of orders for the Kia EV6, there are already the first leasing offers. At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) the lowest price for the basic version with 170 hp, rear-wheel drive and 58 kWh battery was most recently 239 euros in private leasing. The contract period is usually 48 months, usually are 10,000 free kilometers per year inside. Larger kilometer packages are usually available at an additional cost. Important to know: with electric cars one must Special payment equal to the environmental premium, in this case 6,000 euros. However, the amount will be fully reimbursed after the correct and timely application for the environmental premium has been submitted to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Battery, range and performance: EV6 can travel up to 528 kilometers

The technical data differ slightly from those of the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The EV6 is also available two battery packs. While the smaller one, like the Hyundai, stores 58 kWh, the larger version has 77.4 kWh, which is almost two kWh more than the Ioniq 5. This should make the Kia EV6 Kia up to 528 kilometers range create. The two battery sizes are each combined with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, although the performance naturally increases when an additional motor works on the front axle.

● Rear-wheel drive + 58 kWh battery: 125 kW (170 PS) system output; 350 Nm system torque; 324 km range (WLTP)
● Rear-wheel drive + 77.4 kWh battery: 168 kW (229 PS) system output; 350 Nm system torque; 528 km range (WLTP)
● All-wheel drive + 77.4 kWh battery: 239 kW (325 PS) system output; 605 Nm system torque; 506 km range (WLTP)
● GT (all-wheel drive): 430 kW (584 PS) system output; 740 Nm system torque; approx. 400 km range (WLTP)

Recharge a 100 kilometer range in less than five minutes

thanks to 800 volt technology the EV6’s battery charges particularly quickly. In 18 minutes the previously empty battery should be restored 80 percent full the electricity for 100 kilometers should be in less than five minutes be recharged. Another special feature is that the battery not only feeds the motor with energy, but can also operate electrical devices with a power of up to 3.6 kW. The Kia EV6 should even be able to charge another electric car as a power source.

Test: The EV6 offers a lot of space and is taut

During the first test of the EV6, we took a closer look at the variant with a 77.4 kWh battery, 229 hp and rear-wheel drive. When it comes to space, the most important thing is the Legroom on the back seat positive on: Thanks to the 2.90 meter wheelbase, passengers can easily cross their legs here. But now in the driver’s seat. The chassis, steering and, in sport mode, also the accelerator pedal characteristic are designed to be tight. When driving, the approximately 4.70-meter-long car seems a size smaller. Operation works well thanks to the shortcut buttons under the infotainment screen. The touchpad has two functions: click above and you control the infotainment; Press down, then it is the heating, and the volume control becomes the warm-cold control.
Kia EV6

Thanks to the long wheelbase, you have a lot of legroom in the Kia on the back seat.

Design: No tigernose grill for Kia’s new electric car

The Kia EV6 shares the technology with the Hyundai Ioniq 5, but visually the two have nothing to do with each other. With the new model, Kia has practically played through the topic of crossover: coupé-like roofline, SUV-like paneling on the wheel arches, quite a lot of ground clearance and a high shoulder line, but at the same time not quite as long-legged. On the front, Kia shows its new brand logo. At the front, the design of the EV6 is more rounded than we last saw it on new models from the brand – for example the new Sorento generation. Contrary to the current trend, the headlights are quite large and not divided. The daytime running light is made up of several elements and encloses the remaining light units above and below. The EV6 does not get the Kia-typical tigernose grill, instead a narrow, black slit connects the two headlights. A large lower air inlet is divided by various grilles and air-guiding elements. On the side, the decorative strip above the sills, which rises up in the area of ​​the rear doors, creates an optical link to the rear light signature. This extends to the wheel arches and is determined by a narrow LED strip that extends in an arc over the entire rear.
Kia EV6 GT-Line

Unlike the study, the series EV6 has B-pillars. Beefy fenders reinforce the crossover look.

In the area next to the trunk lid there are lines that become larger towards the outside. Turn signals and reversing light are in one element below. This, in turn, turns into a chrome clasp. For the necessary Portion of sportiness provide a roof edge spoiler and a lip on the trunk lid.

The dimensions at a glance:

Length: 4680 mm / 4695 mm (GT, GT-Line)
Broad: 1880 mm / 1890 mm (GT, GT-Line)
● Height: 1550 mm / 1545 mm (GT)
wheelbase: 2900 mm
Trunk: 520 l / approx. 1300 l
Frunk: 52 l (rear-wheel drive) / 20 l (all-wheel drive)
Trailer load: 1.6 t

Interior: cockpit is reminiscent of the Ioniq 5

In the interior there is some overlap with the Ioniq 5. Especially the design of the dashboard with the two displays placed on a curved element is very similar to the cockpit of the electric Hyundai. The screens for the digital cockpit and infotainment each measure 12.3 inches. The system behind it is of course always online, can provide real-time information and can handle wireless updates “over the air”. The system is supplemented by a head-up display with augmented reality function. As in the Ioniq, the air conditioning unit is replaced by a digital touch surface. At the push of a button, the digital climate control becomes a shortcut bar for navigation and radio functions. There is also Differences to Hyundai: The Kia gets its own steering wheel, the rather large-looking impact pot is designed in the form of the missing tigernose grill. It also has a center console that houses the start button and the rotary switch for gear selection.
Kia EV6 e-GT

Sustainability is an issue with the EV6: The seat covers are made from recycled plastic.

One of the most important assistance systems is Exit assistantwhich uses a warning tone or a locked door to prevent rear passengers from leaving the car unintentionally if a car approaches from behind. Then there is the further developed one Highway assistantwhich enables semi-automated driving by orienting the EV6 to the car in front.

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