Kia Niro (2022): Lots of space and new features in the new Niro

Market launch and price: The new edition will be available from June

Kia has introduced the new Niro. The SUV gets a completely new, edgier look and a modern, reduced interior with large displays and sustainable materials. As with the predecessor, there are three drives to choose from: a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric variant. The latter is called “Niro EV” with the generation change. Both hybrid versions will be in dealerships from June 2022, while the all-electric Niro (in the future only as a 150 kW variant) will be in showrooms a month later in July 2022. Because of the extensive changes, the prices of the Niro are increasing. The hybrid costs from around 31,000 euros, for the plug-in hybrid the price range starts at around 37,000 euros. The battery-electric Niro EV costs at least 39,990 euros as “Edition 7”.


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Design: New stainless steel with more corners and edges

The design of the new edition is clearly based on the Habaniro show car shown in 2019. The new Niro retains its basic shape, but is much more angular than the current model. The front appears calmer and bolder with its various parallel lines. The design of the headlights is very unconventional. The daytime running lights are a stylized version of the human heartbeat curve, the twisted “heartbeat” signature. High beam, low beam and indicators are arranged above it. With a bit of imagination, the Niro reveals the Kia-typical tiger nose grille as a design element, but leaves the path of monotony at the latest with the extravagant light graphics of the headlights. .
Kia Niro

The taillights appear to have been taken directly from the Habaniro concept car presented by Kia at the 2019 New York Auto Show.

While the predecessor had the classic SUV paneling on the wheel arches and sills, the wheel arches and the lower areas of the doors are protected from bumps and scratches on the new model. On the side, it is above all the color-contrasting C-pillar that draws attention. Much more than just a show: The C-pillar is free and the wind flows around it inside and out – a bit like the Ford GT. No less extravagant are the rear lights, which nestle close to the C-pillar and a sheet metal arch in the trunk lid, which is reminiscent of the Niro’s big brother, the Kia EV6.

Dimensions: The SUV is growing in all directions

The new generation is making gains in all directions. The new Niro is 65 millimeters longer, 20 millimeters wider, ten millimeters higher and has a wheelbase that is 20 millimeters longer. The luggage compartments are different for the three engine variants and range from 398 liters (PHEV) to 451 liters (hybrid) and 475 liters (Niro EV). The purely electric version also has a 20 liter frunk for charging utensils. The dimensions at a glance:

• Length: 4420mm
• Width: 1825mm
• Height: 1545mm
• Wheelbase: 2720mm
• Trunk (Niro EV): 475 liters / 1392 liters

Kia Niro

The interior has been completely redesigned and is strongly based on the all-electric Kia EV6.

Interior: Niro shines with good space in front and behind

In the interior, the new Niro shines with good space conditions in front and behind, which must be particularly emphasized at this point, because editor Fischer can still sit comfortably at almost two meters in the back. A positive surprise! Otherwise, the interior pleases at first check. The cockpit has a modern design and is reminiscent of the EV6 electric car. The Niro also gets a new, continuous screen landscape. The two displays for the speedometer and infotainment are arranged next to each other and are each 10.25 inches in size. There is also a ten-inch head-up display. The steering wheel and the so-called “Multi Mode” control bar have also been taken over directly from the brand brother. The latter consists of two rotary controls and a row of sensor buttons that have double assignments. They can be used to control important infotainment functions as well as the air conditioning, which can be switched at the touch of a finger. The design of the center console is just as reduced. Instead of the bulky automatic selector lever of the predecessor, a rotary wheel is now used to select the gears.
Kia Niro
The rear offers plenty of space for adults. Even with 1.95 meters you can sit well here.

The new seats are not only slimmer, the backrests of the two front seats are also equipped with coat hangers, storage pockets and USB-C ports. There is also a special relaxation seat for the front passenger, which can be moved into a comfortable reclining position at the push of a button. Various recycled materials are used in the interior. The headlining is made from reclaimed wallpaper and feels like papier-mâché. The seat covers are made from organic synthetic leather and processed eucalyptus leaves. The paint on the door panels does not contain so-called BTX aromatics, which are certain environmentally harmful solvents.

Equipment: Kia will offer more assistants for the Niro in the future

The range of assistance systems has been expanded for the new generation. The front collision warning with braking intervention no longer only recognizes vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in front of the car, but also cross traffic. Example of turning left: If the turn signal is activated, the Niro warns of oncoming vehicles and brakes if necessary. The system reacts in the same way if there is a risk of an accident with cars approaching from the side when crossing intersections. An intelligent speed assistant displays speed limits and can automatically transfer them to the cruise control system. In narrow perpendicular parking spaces and garages, the car drives itself by remote control with the remote parking assistant. An exit assistant, a highway assistant and an active blind spot assistant with steering and braking intervention have also been added.

Kia Niro

New assistants ensure more safety, but also more comfort: If desired, the Niro automatically parks in tight spaces.

Drives: The plug-in hybrid

Like the predecessor, Kia will not only offer the new generation as a fully electric e-Niro, but also with a hybrid drive – as a full hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The performance of the full hybrid remains the same in the new generation: the 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 77 kW (105 hp) is supported by a 32 kW electric motor, together they both generate 104 kW (141 hp). However, Kia has announced that the revised combustion engine is now more economical and the hybrid should now accelerate a little faster.

Thanks to the more powerful electric motor, the plug-in hybrid has 183 hp

The plug-in hybrid retains the well-known 1.6-liter petrol engine, but gets a more powerful electric motor. It now delivers 17.5 kW more and thus comes to 62 kW. This increases the system performance from 141 to 183 hp. As expected, it also gets a larger battery. The almost now 11.1 kWh (predecessor: 8.9 kWh). Of course, the purely electric range benefits from this. The combined WLTP consumption shows an all-electric range of 65 kilometers. The previous generation managed 49 kilometers.

A little more range for the all-electric e-Niro

Apparently, the all-electric e-Niro is only available in the more powerful version. The power remains at 150 kW (204 hp) same. The battery is now slightly larger at 64.8 kWh, compared to a smooth 64 kWh in the predecessor, and the range also increases slightly. The e-Niro now manages 463 kilometers with a fully charged battery and is therefore eight kilometers further than its predecessor. On a fast charger, it takes 45 minutes to fill the battery from 10 to 80 percent. In addition, battery preconditioning is now standard in the Niro EV.

Hybrids get a new function

Both hybrids are equipped with a new feature that automatically switches to pure electric drive in certain locations. The data is provided by the navigation system and driving habits. The so-called “Greenzone Drive Mode” is activated, for example, in the vicinity of hospitals, schools and kindergartens, but also in frequently driven places such as the driver’s home or workplace.

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