Kia Niro (2022): Teasers show angular design and widescreen

Kia will present the new generation of the Niro at the brand’s home trade fair, the Seoul Mobility Show in South Korea, on November 25, 2021. A few days earlier, a series of teasers about the SUV was published. The design of the new edition should be based on the Habaniro show car shown in 2019. So probably the new Niro will be significantly more angular fail, which is already indicated in the teasers, for example due to the more angular front hood. The light signatures are also adopted in a slightly modified form. At the front, two jagged lines on the left and right form the daytime running lights. The rest of the two-part headlights cannot yet be seen. Instead, however, a new, continuous chrome element below the bonnet and an apron with a suggested underride guard.
At the rear, what is particularly noticeable is that the window looks even narrower than on the predecessor and the C-pillar is apparently in a contrasting color. According to the picture, this accent extends to the planking of the wheel house. The vertical, boomerang-shaped taillights seem to have been taken directly from the study.
Kia Niro

The taillights were apparently taken directly from the Habaniro study that Kia presented at the New York Auto Show 2019.

Interior: Niro seems to have largely taken over the EV6 cockpit

In the interior, too, the stainless steel seems to be changing a lot, which is mainly due to the new, continuous screen. Overall, the design of the interior is strongly reminiscent of the EV6 electric car. Should the SUV take over its displays, would be on the curved element two 12.3 inch screens side by side for speedometer and infotainment to be found. The Niro will then probably also take over the software, so it is always online, provides real-time information and can be updated wirelessly. The steering wheel and the digital control unit for the air conditioning also seem to have been taken over directly from the brand brother. The design of the center console could, however, differ.
Kia Niro

The teaser picture suggests that the second generation of stainless steel largely takes over the interior of the EV6.

Probably in 2022 with more coverage among dealers

Probably, Kia will not only be the new generation as a fully electric e-Niro, but rather still with hybrid drive to offer. There is currently a full hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. In the case of hybrid with plug and pure electric cars, in particular, larger batteries could provide more electric range.

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Currently, the plug-in hybrid is 58 kilometers, the e-Niro covers 289 to 455 kilometers, depending on the battery. The market launch for the new Kia Niro should be in early 2022. Because of the extensive changes, prices are likely to rise. The hybrid is currently available from 27,490 euros, the plug-in hybrid costs at least 34,190 euros, and the e-Niro starts at 38,290 euros.

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