Kia Niro: Efficiency and sustainability with tires from Continental

In the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the electric variant of the Kia Niro will be delivered ex works with the 17-inch Continental EcoContact 6 Q. The hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants roll on 18-inch PremiumContact 6 tires. Customers in the USA and Korea drive the two hybrid versions of the Kia Niro on Continental ProContact RX all-season tires, which are also 18-inch.

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The Continental EcoContact 6 Q combines high energy efficiency and mileage with good handling and corresponding braking performance. The specially developed rubber compound ensures that there is less friction when the tire comes into contact with the road, so the tire absorbs less energy – rolling resistance is reduced. Thanks to modified blocks, slats and lateral grooves, the EcoContact 6 Q is noise-optimized.

High cornering stability and lateral power transmission

The special rubber compound of the Continental PremiumContact 6 in the tread, which significantly affects grip on the road, ensures good safety and wet braking properties. The tire design offers high cornering stability and ensures a correspondingly high level of lateral force transmission. The special circumferential groove design enables a quick response in handling and steering precision on dry and wet roads.

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The Continental ProContact RX is an all-season touring tire with a special focus on traction and braking performance on dry and wet roads. The precise steering response enables very good handling.

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