Kia Rio Facelift (2020): Rio becomes a 48-volt mild hybrid

Rio becomes the first Kia petrol engine with 48 volts

Kia revises its small car Rio. The facelift makes it the first Kia petrol engine with a 48-volt electrical system. All information about the mild hybrid Rio!

Kia missed the Rio a model revision. In addition to visual details and upgraded interior, the Koreans are electrifying their small car for the first time. This makes the mild hybrid the first Kia petrol engine with a 48-volt electrical system. AUTO BILD explains what’s new for the Rio in the future!


For the first time, Kia is electrifying a petrol engine for mild hybrid. The 1.0 T-GDI develops 120 HP and is the top engine in the Rio. The 48 volt system consists of one small battery and a belt starter generator. This ensures that the Kia Rio gets a boost in certain driving situations, which should reduce fuel consumption.

Intelligent clutch helps to save

Rio becomes the first petrol Kia with 48-volt technology

The touchscreen for infotainment grows up to eight inches in the new Rio.

When braking, coasting and driving downhill, the generator can also recuperate, i.e. feed energy into the hybrid system. If it makes sense for the engine electronics, the engine can also be switched off, for example in front of a traffic light. In order to be able to roll with as little loss as possible, models with a classic manual transmission have one electronically controlled clutch. It uncouples the transmission from the engine without the driver having to do anything.

New front for the Korean

In addition to the technology, Kia has also refined the look of the Rio. So the little Korean will get one in the future revised front design with a narrower “tiger nose”. Kia also gives customers more freedom when it comes to choosing a paint. Up to nine exterior colors are possible, including two new shades of gray and blue. The most important innovations in the interior are a display unit up to 4.2 inches in size in the instrument cluster and one up to eight-inch touchscreen for infotainment.

Available in Germany from autumn

Kia is also upgrading the Rio for the assistants. For example, vehicles with a dual clutch transmission receive a traffic jam assistant and a blind spot warning system with steering intervention. The market for the revised small car should be in the third quarter of 2020.

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