Kia Sportage (2022): The new model for Europe can do that

Market launch: early 2022, prices from around 25,000 euros

Of the Kia Sportage goes into the fifth lap. There is a novelty with the new generation: For the first time there will be a own version especially for Europe built. It differs quite significantly from the global model, especially in the Dimensions. What they all have in common is a significantly more distinctive look, an upgraded interior and the almost seamless one electrification with the engines. Market launch for the Europa-Sportage is Early 2022, prices are expected to start at around 25,000 euros.


Kia Sportage

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Dimensions: EU Sportage with short wheelbase

● Length: 4515 mm
● Width: 1865 mm
● Height: 1645 mm
● Wheelbase: 2680 mm
● Trunk volume (combustion engine): 591 to approx. 1780 l

The main difference between the global Sportage and the Europe variant lies in the dimensions. While the SUV is on with us 4515 millimeters in length brings, measures the global model 149 millimeters more. There is always only one variant per store. In other words: Europe only gets the short wheelbase, the rest of the world only the long wheelbase.

Optics: Sportage GT-Line shows the biggest differences

The Sportage is introducing the EV6 electric crossover new Kia design Further. It’s called “Opposites United” (in German roughly: united opposites) and is intended to indicate a connection between natural and technical elements. The look can confidently be described as brave and gives the new Sportage a look angular, stockier appearance. The front is characterized by the powerful radiator grille, the upper part of which still bears the tiger nose typical of the brand. No less striking are the lights with boomerang-shaped daytime running lights. The headlights are coming optionally in matrix LED technology. For the European model, Kia has redesigned the GT line a little. Instead of chrome clasps, the lower part of the aprons has trim in the color of the car.
Kia Sportage

The characteristic “tiger nose” is duplicated in the radiator grille of the Kia Sportage thanks to the intermediate clip.

The roof is also available in a contrasting finish

At the side, the lower edge of the window, which rises from the B-pillar, is particularly noticeable. Due to the tapering towards the top, it visually elongates the Sportage. Kia has one for the European model other D-pillar donated. Instead of a large chrome element, it bears the body color – which interrupts the window trim that is only continued on the roof spoiler. Speaking of which Roof: That can in the GT-Line now for the first time in contrasting paintwork be ordered.

The storage volume of the hybrid models is a little smaller

Kia Sportage

A black element connects the taillights – but there is no LED strip under the black-tinted glass.

The rear is just as distinctive as the front: the taillights are mirrored and also designed as brackets that are open to the outside. That continuous band is only used for decoration and does not light up. The rear apron is adorned with an underrun protection, no dummy exhausts were used. As with the sister model Hyundai Tucson is the Windshield wiper under the rear spoiler hiked. Behind the tailgate can be found between 591 and around 1780 liters of trunk volume. The luggage compartment of the hybrid models is a bit smaller.

Interior: The Kia Sportage benefits greatly from the EV6

Kia Sportage

The Sportage gets a new steering wheel and the curved digital cockpit from the EV6.

The need for upgrading is particularly evident in the interior. Material quality and processing are extremely solid even in the pre-series vehicle, and a Harman Kardon sound system is available on request. The cockpit looks a lot more modern than with the predecessor, which is mainly due to the curved shape known from the EV6 Glass panel lies. Nice: Kia has not tricked and installed two displays at an angle, but actually opted for a single curved glass without an intermediate joint. Behind it, however, are still hiding two separate screens, each 12.3 inches diagonally. The digital cockpit shows two round instruments, the design of which changes depending on the driving mode.

Driving: firm, but still comfortable (update!)

AUTO BILD has already been on the road for a lap in the new Kia Sportage. The test car was in the GT-Line equipped with electronic damper control. Already in normal mode, almost no rolling movements can be felt in tight bends, so The engineers have fine-tuned the SUV. Despite everything, a healthy residual comfort has remained, the steering is finely tuned and adjusted with good feedback. Our test car has four-wheel drive, one 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 180 hp and 7-speed dual clutch transmission.
Kia Sportage

The Sportage drives very European, the engine is enough to swim along but sounds strained at times.

Even if the 1.6 with full spurt on the highway driveway with the waiver of displacement loud roar acknowledged, it swims well with this performance, the gearbox works smoothly with the 48-volt electrical system together. When you start the traffic light from the engine to 30 km / h, nothing rumbles, they have smoothed everything together so well. When the accelerator is released, the Kia even sails, then the engine cuts out – and when you step on the pedal, it starts again in a flash.

Conclusion from Andreas May: Kia sets an example for compact SUVs! Modern layout, top cockpit with the best connectivity and combustion engine with 48-volt electrical system, later also as a plug-in hybrid. This Sportage is not just a VW Tiguan competition, BMW, Audi and Mercedes can also take a look at it!

Infotainment: special controls in the Kia

At the infotainment Kia installed the latest generation of its UVO system with blue-violet symbols that are reminiscent of neon advertising from the 1980s. The system can quick and intuitive operate and react to touch commands without delay, updates are carried out “over the air”. A novelty is the control panel underneath, the Kia “Multi Mode Touch” says: Basically it is a screen for controlling the air conditioning, the temperature is still set here with physical knobs. At the touch of a finger, however, the climate control panels disappear; instead, navigation and radio shortcuts for the infotainment screen appear. This works very well the first time you try it, even if it seems a bit redundant. The gear selection is now done via a rotary control, next to which there are still the last remaining buttons.

in the Fund of the new Kia Sportage it works quite spacious to, even adults have enough space. Only the headroom is somewhat limited, but this is partly due to the optional glass roof. They are nice Coat hooks in the front headrests, on which you can hang clothes hangers without obscuring the view from the side windows.

Kia Sportage GT-Line

The space in the rear is generally good. The coat hooks in the headrests are practical.

Driver assistants: a big plus in terms of driving safety

Both Driving and safety assistants has upgraded Kia properly. In the Sportage, too, the area in the blind spot is now projected into the digital cockpit as an image when blinking. When it comes to driver assistants, there is one navigation-based cruise control, a 360-degree camera for the external representation of the vehicle and a Remote control function, with which you can let the car drive into parking spaces from the outside. Besides, the Highway Driving Assist available that combines cruise control and lane departure warning. The emergency brake assistant now also works at intersections and when reversing. The car also brakes automatically if it detects an obstacle when changing lanes.

Engines: Drives come from the Hyundai Tucson

Sportage number five also uses – as usual – the Hyundai Tucson platform. He also takes over the drives from him. For the European model, this means: two diesels with 115 and 136 hp, two gasoline engines with 150 and 180 hp. The more powerful variants each receive mild hybrid support, with the gasoline models optionally also the weaker one. There is also one Full hybrid with 230 hp. If you want to charge the car yourself, the stands for 265 hp plug-in hybrid variant in the price list.

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The two diesels and the entry-level petrol engine are also available with manual transmission, while the other engines have a double clutch or automatic converter as standard. Most engines are optionally available with all-wheel drive with special off-road driving modes. A pure electric version can be ruled out, as it would compete with the EV6. As a qualification, that is still not entirely sure whether also all drive combinations of the European model are really offered in Germany will. (All important information about the environmental bonus!)

Warranty: Kia Sportage continues to be seven years

Market launch for the European Sportage is Early 2022. Kia does not yet reveal the starting price. Taking into account the usual price increases when changing models, Sportage should be number five around 25,000 euros start – including those known from Kia guarantee seven years or over 150,000 kilometers.

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