Kickl over Strache: “Even stupid than a year ago”

A year after Ibiza said the former FPÖ interior minister Herbert Kickl against his former party friend Heinz-Christian Strache in the ORF program Report Tuesday evening. “Seen a year apart is Strache got even stupid. Usually you get more sensible. “

Kickl talked about his great personal disappointment after the Ibiza video became known. “It is all about the moral component, the shamelessness practiced.”

“Evidence was evident”

The video would have surprised him ice cold. In doing so, Kickl, certain “evidence” recognized. So would have Strache lost grip, his “Grossmannsucht“would have gotten out of hand. And each of his sentences would have started with” I. “” That was recognizable, “says Kickl today.

Whether money has ever flowed to the party through FPÖ-related clubs – as statements in the video suggest? That poses Kickl in denial. External auditors had checked the “watertight”. In the case of a corresponding investigation by Public prosecutor nothing would come out.


That Strache now with his “team Strache“In the Vienna election – and also won some former FPÖ politicians, commented Kickl like this: He could not rule out any other defectors – but so far it was “not a service provider”. Accordingly, he could not split the FPÖ detect. “We are back on track.”


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