Kickl wants “real enlightenment” from the coalition, otherwise the U committee

For the actual establishment, the FPÖ needs at least one other parliamentary group. The establishment of a committee of inquiry has been a minority right since 2015, but it requires a quarter of the MPs (46 mandataries). However, the Freedom Party only has 30 MPs. In addition, the Ibiza Committee is already running and a second parallel one would need the support of at least parts of the coalition.

“Opposite of enlightenment”

Above all, Kickl came up against the fact that the report of the commission of inquiry set up to come to terms with the terrorist attack of November 2nd should not be published, which is the “opposite of clarification”, said the Freedom Club Chairman in a broadcast on Friday. Justice Minister Alma Zadic had justified this with the fact that one also wanted to illuminate the intelligence service area, which made a “certain secrecy” necessary. A report with conclusions analyzes is to be published.

That’s not enough for Kickl. It is “a shame” that Zadic ÖVP interior minister Karl Nehammer is making “the wall”. The commission is a “pure alibi action”. “If it says a commission of inquiry, there is a black cover-up inside,” said Kickl.


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