Kickstarter campaign launched for Mission in Snowdriftland Remaster

The Kickstarter campaign by the German developer studio Tons of Bits has started and is primarily intended to appeal to nostalgic people. Because Mission in Snowdriftland first saw the light of day 15 years ago.

Similar to an advent calendar, a door opened every day to a new level, behind which a platforming adventure with hero Chubby Snow awaited you. Although the game was only available for a short period of time, it seemed to gather a large fan base.

The remaster was initiated by Youtuber Nick Robinson, who researched the game in one of his videos. He arranged interviews with the developers, who were surprised and delighted with the continued popularity of their work.

About snowmen and penguins

El Pix, an evil penguin, has stolen valuable game material from the human world and retreated to his hiding place in Snowdriftland. But the region is too cold for the members of Upixo – the United Pixelheroes organization, which is dedicated to protecting the game world.

Fortunately for everyone, Professor Schwabbel discovers the snowman Chubby Snow at the reception desk. He is currently complaining that his career as a character currently leaves a lot to be desired. So Chubby finally gets a role that is tailor-made for him and he sets off straight away to defeat El Pix.

Reach your goal with Kickstarter

The release on Steam is scheduled for December 2021 and the campaign target is set at 30,000 euros. The campaign runs until March 31, 2021. The money is to be used to reprogram the game in Unity, as the original was based on Flash at the time. On this occasion, Mission in Snowdriftland also gets a facelift with a higher resolution and a solid frame rate of 60fps.

According to the campaign page, the game includes the following features:

  • The original scope consisting of 24 levels and one final boss level
  • Four worlds with six levels each and unique opponents
  • Pixelart style
  • Four pieces of music with three variations each
  • Controller support
  • Steam achievements and trading cards

In addition to the free donations, supporters can choose from various levels of support in order to receive additional rewards. From 10 euros you get a digital copy of the game for Steam. At higher levels you can immortalize yourself in the credits and secure the digital soundtrack. From 40 euros you get beta access and for particularly generous donations from 80 euros there are even physical goodies such as stickers or an A4 drawing by protagonist Chubby, which is hand-drawn and signed by designer Bogac Sariaydin.

The “Chubby Bundle” then contains everything a collector’s heart desires: a digital artbook, the digital soundtrack, stickers, pins, magnets, the A4 drawing by Chubby and even a real Advent calendar. And if you dig deep into your pockets, you can even design your own opponent for the game.

One of the stretch goals is set at 40,000 euros, which will enable new content with secrets, new graphics and new music. In addition, there would then be other game modes such as a speedrun mode. Should the campaign even raise 50,000 euros, every supporter who has chosen a “Chubby Bundle” or higher will receive an exclusive Chubby figure as a free bonus.

Launch livestream with Nick Robinson and the developers

Mission in Snowdriftland is expected to be released via Steam for PCs in December 2021. The Steam page is already live, so you can already add the game to your wish list. Do you remember the mission in Snowdriftland from back then?

Images: Mission in Snowdriftland, Tons of Bits


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