Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West

What has long been in the air has now also been confirmed: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Kimye for short, are going to divorce. Things have been going less well between the celebrity couple for a while and now the size for Kim is really full and she has officially filed for divorce.

After nearly seven years of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting divorced. Gossip website TMZ managed to obtain the divorce documents. Previously, there were rumors of divorce after Kanye moved to his Wyoming ranch while Kim and their four children stayed in Calabasas.


Kim and Kanye, or Kimye for short, were good friends at a young age, but started a relationship in April 2012. Two years later they tied the knot.

Meanwhile, the two already have four children: North (7), Saint (5), Chi (3) and Psalm (1). They live together in a gigantic house, specially designed for them by the Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt. The house would have had a price tag of $ 40 million, plus $ 20 million for the renovations.

Mental problems

But after more than six years of marriage, divorce is now in the air. Kanye West’s mental health has been going bad for a while now. He suffers from bipolar disorder, which he and Kim have always been open about. But that disorder has surfaced strongly in the past year, with his throw for president as the pinnacle.

In the aftermath, Kim already shared an extensive response via Instagram. In it she said that it was extremely difficult to get through to Kanye and that he did not accept help. As a result, Kanye tweeted that he had “been trying to divorce Kim for months”.

According to a Page Six source, Kanye has now lived in his Wyoming ranch for several months and spent the holidays there, separated from his family.


In October, Kanye was still present on the extravagant trip to mark Kim’s 40th birthday. There he gave her a bizarre birthday present. It was a hologram of Robert Kardashian, Kim’s father who died of cancer in 2003.

Kim’s birthday trip sparked a storm of criticism, as many people were still at home due to the corona measures. So they had to watch with sorrow how the rich of the earth can get around the rules and go on a journey with all their friends and family as if nothing was wrong.


A few months ago, Kanye already announced that he has been wanting to divorce Kim for years and that he is also tired of the family. He compared Kris Jenner with the authoritarian North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and he would find Keeping Up with the Kardashians “unbearable”.

But in the end it is Kim who files for divorce. Kim also requests shared parenthood for their four children, which Kanye would have agreed to.


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