Kim Kardashian’s ex-best friend: “Kanye brainwashed the family”

Kim Kardashian’s former best friend, Larsa Pippen, blows out of confession about why she is no longer friends with Kim and her sisters. According to her, this has mainly to do with rapper Kanye West who fed lies to the whole family.

Larsa Pippen was Kim Kardashian’s best friend for a long time. But that friendship is now over. Because as friendships are now ended, Larsa and Kim no longer follow each other on Instagram. But Larsa has a clear reason for this.

Larsa Pippen

Kim Kardashian’s former best friend was a guest on the podcast Hollywood Raw. There she was asked why she is no longer friends with Kim. “I don’t even know myself. I feel like Kanye didn’t trust anyone with Kim and I was too close to Kim. So I think that certainly has something to do with it. ” Larsa didn’t want to cause a problem in Kim’s relationship, so she decided to cut ties. “If your husband feels threatened by our relationship, then I don’t want to be the person to interfere with your relationship.”

“I had no negative experience with Kanye myself, I always had a good relationship with him. But when people are not happy or try to solve their own problems, they put pressure on others because of their own situation. I’ve seen that happen so many times. So I understand. ”

“Kanye brainwashed the whole family”

Larsa also responds to the rumors about the breakup between her and Kim. “There are people who say that I had an affair with Tristan and tried to ruin Khloé’s life. But I really would never do that. ”

Then Larsa is asked why she had to break up with Khloé and Kourtney if she only got between Kim and Kanye’s relationship. To that, Larsa replied, “Kanye brainwashed the whole family, which made them believe everything. I don’t even know what exactly he told them. He talks so much about me and everything I may or may not be. I ran into Travis Scott in a club and then Travis called Kylie to say I was seducing him and that never happened. ” But in this way the stories of Kanye also got more and more follow-up and so eventually there was a break with Larsa.

Nightly phone calls

“Kanye is delusional. He sees himself as the greatest in the world and maybe the Kardashians feel that way too. Because they accept everything he says. Even things that never happened. ” It was all different once. “Kanye called me at 4 or 5 in the morning because he wanted to rattle someone, and I answered and listened to him. I told him I loved him, that he was the best and things would get better. I was always the person he called when he was not happy about something. ”

But at one point that became too much for Larsa, so she blocked Kanye’s number. “Of course he didn’t like that. And then he linked a whole story to it that the rest of the family believed. ” Larsa can put it into perspective because “if you turn so fast with the wind, you once gave a f * ck? Did it hurt me? Yes. But I haven’t done anything wrong and I’ve always been a good friend. ”


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