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Kindle Unlimited on offer: use the e-book flat rate for three months free of charge

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It’s getting cold, dark and wet outside, which is why there are fewer and fewer reasons to leave the house. And you don’t have to do that in the next few months, because we already know how you can bridge the gap until spring: with Kindle Unlimited *, Amazon’s e-book flat rate.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

With Kindle Unlimited * you have unlimited access to more than a million eBooks, selected magazine subscriptions and thousands of audio books. That is more than you can even begin to read or hear this winter (or life). And you don’t even need an eBook reader for this, because the service works on all devices – including smartphones or tablets.

Offer: Use Kindle Unlimited for two months free of charge

Kindle Unlimited – use two months free of charge *

Normally Kindle Unlimited costs 9.99 euros a month *. But now eligible customers can use the service for three months free of charge. All existing Kindle Unlimited subscribers with free trial versions or paid memberships as well as customers who have already taken advantage of Kindle Unlimited offers or the free free period at the beginning of membership in the past 36 months can be excluded from the promotion his. If that doesn’t apply to you, the deal will save you a total of 19.98 euros. Only after the free period has expired do you pay the full price for membership. The offer is valid until November 30, 2020.

Notice periods for Kindle Unlimited

Tired of Kindle Unlimited *? No problem! If you should find out after the two months that you no longer want to use the eBook flat rate, you can cancel the subscription at any time in your Amazon settings. There is no notice period.

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