Kingdom Hearts 4: First trailer with Goofy and Donald

Square Enix celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise with the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4.

Update, April 11, 2022 (5:51 p.m.):

Meanwhile, Square Enix and Disney have released more details about the recently announced Kingdom Hearts IV. The German-language title of the “new, epic” story with Sora will be “Sage of the Lost Master”. It is also explained:

Sora faces a gigantic boss and players get to know Quadratum, a metropolis in a beautiful, realistic world never seen before in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Fans can look forward to the return of Sora’s well-known allies, Donald and Goofy, and meet the mysterious new character Strelitzia for the first time in this curious world.

Original message, April 11, 2022 (10:10 a.m.):

The role-playing game series Kingdom Hearts, full of Disney characters, is one of the most beautiful and complex video game series ever. On Monday night (German time), Square Enix celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series by releasing a video.

And this video also comes with a little surprise as it is officially revealed in the video Kingdom Hearts 4. The anniversary video starts with scenes from trailers for all previously released Kingdom Hearts games, including the mobile game “Kingdom Hearts – Missing-Link”, whose closed beta for iOS and Android will start sometime this year.

But it gets particularly exciting from the 4th minute: After a long fade to black, it’s almost 3 minutes all about the newly announced Kingdom Hearts 4. Sora will play an important role again. There is talk of a “Lost Master Arc” and you can see a city called “Quadratum”. At the very end, Goofy and Donald make an appearance.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in 2019

The predecessor Kingdom Hearts 3 was first released for consoles (Xbox One, Playstation 4) in 2019, and later also for the PC. The game has also been available as a cloud version for the Nintendo Switch for a few weeks. It remains to be seen when Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. Kingdom Hearts 3 was first hinted at in 2010, but development didn’t start until years later.

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