King’s annual salary in 2022 more than 1 million euros for the first time

That is an increase of 0.9 percent compared to the amount budgeted for this year of 998,000 euros. His wife, Queen Máxima, gets a slightly bigger plus. Her benefit increases by 1 percent from 396,000 euros to exactly 400,000 euros.

The payment from Princess Beatrix increases from 564,000 euros to 569,000, which is also an increase of 0.9 percent. She is entitled to this benefit as the predecessor of the current king.

Finally, as heir to the throne, Princess Amalia is also entitled to benefits. This year it is budgeted at 296,000 euros. An amount of 299,000 euros has been budgeted for next year, an increase of slightly more than 1 percent.

Because she is taking a gap year, she has already announced that she will refund the benefit.

Linked to CAO civil servants

The amount of the benefits can still change, because they are linked to that of the vice president of the Council of State. And that salary again depends on the collective labor agreement for civil servants, which has yet to be concluded.

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