Kitten with literally 2 faces dies a few days after birth: almost 15,000 followers

In the United States, a kitten was born last week with (literally) two faces. The animal was named Biscuits and Gravy and suffered from an extremely rare condition. Unfortunately, the kitten only survived four days.

Biscuits and Gravy was born in the US state of Oregon last week. It was a so-called Janus cat, named after the Roman god Janus who has two faces. The animal suffered from the diprosopus condition.

Parts of the face or the entire face occur several times on the head. Most kittens born with this condition do not live more than one day.

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Two mouths and large head

“He was born with very few chances, yet he survived for four days,” the owner told US broadcaster CBS. The owners also say that the kitten was not sure how to feed itself because it had two mouths. Therefore, the owners fed Biscuits and Gravy manually.

“He ate well, but did not want to grow. It is therefore hard work for such a little boy to keep such a big head with two faces straight ”, it sounds. In addition, the kitten’s body was a lot smaller than that of the average kitten, which made his fight even more difficult.

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Meowing and eating at the same time

During his short life, Biscuits and Gravy managed to gather almost 15,000 followers on Instagram. The images of the kitten went around the world, because he had a very special talent: meowing and eating at the same time.

The owners therefore received many offers from animal lovers to take over Biscuits and Gravy, but they declined during the animal’s short life.

The lion’s share of cats suffering from diprosopus only live for a few days, but it doesn’t always end dramatically. For example, the cat Frank and Louie who had a face and a half, was no less than fifteen years old. He passed away in 2014 and was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 as the longest surviving Janus cat.

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