Klaasen group winner after spectacular win over Wright

The evening opened with a Scottish match, as world champion Peter Wright faced Ryan Murray. It was not always visible that it was a duel between the highest ranked darter and the lowest ranked darter of all players still in the tournament, but in the end ‘Snakebite’ was clearly the better on the double and also won 6 -2.

The first opponent of Jelle Klaasen came from Spain, because ‘The Cobra’ had to compete against Cristo Reyes. That game went on for a long time, but the Dutchman seemed to have to take a big defeat after all because more and more sloppiness came into play. He then managed to get a decisive leg out of it, but ‘The Spartan’ was clearly the better one. The Low6 Home Tour Play-Off started for Klaasen with a 6-5 loss.

Immediately the last chance

Klaasen immediately had to go back to work and immediately fought against Murray for his last chance. The one who lost the game would be eliminated and no longer have a chance of a place in the semi-finals. Again it went long right, but because ‘Top Gun’ suddenly lost completely, the win went 6-4 to the Dutchman. As a result, ‘The Cobra’ still had a chance of winning the group.

In the fourth game of the evening, both leaders faced each other. Reyes was reminded several times that he had only won once from Wright and he indicated that it was time for a second win. Just like against Klaasen, the Spaniard again came to a decisive leg, but partly because he had already missed six arrows in the game, he now went down and Wright won 6-5.

The Spartan was certainly not yet eliminated. He had to beat Murray for that and preferably with big numbers. He would then depend on the result between Wright and Klaasen. Once again it became an exciting pot. However, because Murray had a very high number of bouncers, a problem that bothered him all evening, Reyes won 6-3.

Decision in the group

For the Spaniard, there was therefore still a small chance that he could win the group. Klaasen would have to beat Wright 6-4. Three darters would then have the same amount of points and also the same leg balance, but Reyes could then win the group based on his average. With a bigger win from Klaasen, the Dutchman would win the group, while Wright would be group winner if he took at least five legs.

Klaasen shot out of the starting blocks and quickly ran out to a 5-0 lead, with which he was suddenly very close to the group win. He took full advantage of some missed doubles of the reigning world champion. The Cobra then got a match arrow for a whitewash, but hit the wrong side of the iron. Wright then picked up the leg, but it turned out to be only a stay of execution for the Scotsman, as Klaasen won 6-1 and with that also won the group.


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