Klarna list of names with the dismissed free on the web – the reason

A list of the employees dismissed by Klarna is freely available on the Internet. The reason.

A Klarna employee has published a list of the employees whom Klarna gave notice of termination a few days ago. You can read more about the layoffs in these reports:

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The publication of such a list seems strange at first glance, but it is actually an advantage for the ex-“Klarnauts” concerned.

These names are on the list

First of all, only the names of those affected are on the list who have consented to publication. So nobody ends up on this list against their will. In order to get on the list, those affected had to fill out a form. Anyone affected by the termination who would like to be included on the list but is not already on the list should write to J. Tyler Wilson via LinkedIn.

You can view the Google Docs list of Klarna employees here.

For each name you will find the job title, the location and the associated Linkedin profile as well as information on whether you would prefer to work from home, hybrid or on site.

The purpose of this list

Headhunters and personnel decision-makers should be able to use this list to find and contact ex-Klarna employees more easily. The Google Docs list is intended to help those who have been laid off to find a new job quickly.

The list seems to serve its purpose

In fact, the publication of this list seems to prove itself. We spoke to people on this list who confirmed to us that they can hardly save themselves from inquiries from headhunters.

Klarna employees are in demand with headhunters: the reason

You have to know that Klarna applicants for a job have to go through a tough application process with intelligence tests and interviews. The recruitment process at Klarna is therefore very tough. In other words: Klarna only hires very qualified and resilient people. So it can be considered an honor if you have worked at Klarna. That makes an ex-Klarna employee interesting for new employers. That’s why Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna, calls this list a gold mine for recruiters.

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