KLM flies a little more sustainably, travelers pay up to 12 euros more per ticket

According to the company, producing the sustainable fuel is four times more expensive. In addition, there is now even less production than there is demand for, which also has a price-increasing effect. By using more itself, the company hopes to encourage more production.

How much more customers will pay depends on the distance of the flight and whether someone flies business class or economy. The increase is a minimum of 1 euro and a maximum of 12, KLM reports. The measure also applies to flights from Amsterdam of subsidiary Transavia.

Less CO2 emissions

The CO2 emissions of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that KLM currently purchases is 75 percent lower than those of normal kerosene, the company says. A significant improvement on paper. But of all the fuel the company threw into its devices in 2019, only 0.18 percent was sustainable.

The step to use 0.5 percent SAF on all flights from Amsterdam is therefore ‘a very small one’, the company itself admits. “But an important one in the right direction.”

KLM hopes their example will be followed by other airlines. According to the company, SAF is “the most important means” to reduce CO2 emissions in the short term.

EU plans

The airline will also have to, because the European Commission has great ambitions in the field of mixing sustainable fuels with normal kerosene. If it is up to Commissioner Frans Timmermans, who is responsible for the European Commission’s Fit for 55 sustainability plan, 2 percent of SAF will already be used by 2025.

In 2030, 5% sustainable fuel must be added, by 2050 this must have increased to 63 percent.

Blending obligation

In France, a blending obligation of 1 percent has been in effect since 1 January 2022. There is no such rule in the Netherlands, because the previous cabinet wanted to wait for European agreements. If this takes too long, the Netherlands still wants to introduce a blending obligation itself in 2023.

In the Agreement on Sustainable Aviation from 2019, it was agreed that at least 14 will be added by 2030. This agreement, the agreements of which have been taken over by the cabinet, has also been signed by KLM.

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