KLM has a voluntary departure scheme for all employees

KLM announced this on Tuesday. Whether the scheme concerns a fixed amount or whether employees receive a percentage per year of service worked, the company cannot yet say. The scheme will be drawn up on June 1 and applies to both cabin crew and people in the office.

Long-term less work

According to the airline, the corona crisis means long-term less work. The scheme can create space for the people who can and want to stay, the company writes. “KLM prefers to say goodbye to employees who choose this themselves than to colleagues who do not choose to do so voluntarily.”

More than 36,000 permanent people work at KLM, according to the annual report for 2019. The company does not dare say how many employees KLM ultimately thinks it needs to continue the operation.

Airplanes are stationary

Like any airline, KLM is also hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. About 90 percent of the aircraft are stationary. Last quarter it suffered a loss of 1.8 billion euros. The outlook for the second quarter is even worse.

To underline the importance of KLM for the Dutch economy, the Cabinet assisted in late April with an aid package of 2 to 4 billion euros. This must be offset by a substantial wage sacrifice from the pilots and senior management, Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra said earlier.


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