KLM shows prototype of futuristic ‘flying V’

The Dutch airline KLM has presented the first prototype of a new, futuristic-looking aircraft in Germany.


The Flying V has not stolen its name. As soon as you see the first pictures of the aircraft, it is immediately clear where the name comes from. The construction, made by engineers at TU Delft and KLM itself, is somewhat reminiscent of a UFO, but the prototype is already working.

The Flying V combines the engines, cabin and aerodynamics of the wings in one. This should ensure more efficient, cleaner flights. By completely changing the shape of the aircraft, KLM claims that it can optimize new technology to save fuel.

Long flights

The technological tour de force does not only look good, it would also hold up well in that important long-scheduled flight category. The Flying V could seat as many passengers as a Boeing A350. In addition, it would immediately consume a lot less.

Since the Flying V also has the same width as a normal Boeing 350, it can use the same gates as that large long-range kite. Special: the turbo engines would be on the wings, not underneath. That seems counterintuitive, but it appears to work.

It is not yet clear when these aircraft would possibly go into production. Its development took only two years, but at the moment there is only a scale model. So it is still a while to wait for the big brother of this Flying V.


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