KLM wants to make vouchers more attractive with an extra 15 percent value

Until yesterday you had no choice as a customer. Those who did not want to rebook their flight could only request a voucher. That voucher had the same value as the amount originally paid for the flight. Those who have not (fully) used their voucher after twelve months can still reclaim their money.


Since Thursday it is possible to get a refund immediately after cancellation. To prevent people from opting for cash en masse, KLM now offers an extra to people who request a voucher. That voucher gets 15 percent more value than what was actually paid for it.

Suppose you booked a flight 500 euros. Then the voucher gets a value of 575 euros. For that amount you can book a new flight with KLM in the future.

This applies retroactively. Those who have already applied for a voucher in recent weeks will also receive the extra 15 percent. Incidentally, that value will lapse if you still have the voucher paid out after twelve months. In that case you will still receive 500 euros back.

Plaster on the wound

It is a small comfort for people who applied for a voucher before May 14. They do not get the option to opt for cash reimbursement.

KLM warns in advance that repayment has not been arranged overnight. Because thousands of flights have been canceled, the processing time may take longer. Applying for a voucher can also take weeks.


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