KLM wants unvaccinated pilots and flight attendants to register

Unvaccinated crew members must report this to KLM Health Services. The company then passes on the information to the planning department. Personnel who have not been vaccinated will not be deployed on flights to countries ‘which have entry requirements that they do not meet’.

Travel Restriction Registration

According to KLM, the registration is little more than the company’s working method for staff who have travel restrictions for ‘personal, visa or health reasons’. Even then, staff will be given a travel restriction behind their name, which the planning department can take into account.

The manager of the pilot or steward in question will not be informed, KLM promises. It is unclear what the consequences are if someone does not report and subsequently does not enter a country because he cannot show a vaccination certificate. The company does not immediately respond substantively to questions from RTL Z.

In Trinidad & Tobago, from October 16, there will be a vaccination obligation for airline crew members. And more countries will follow, KLM expects. The company has signals that Canada will also require that flight crews are vaccinated. The airline has just started flying to that country again.

Schedule problems

Personnel who are not allowed on certain flights because of registration, KLM will try to schedule flights for which there are no entry restrictions. “But as more countries start to impose entry requirements, this could lead to major operational problems for KLM,” the company said.

That is also because the company is afraid of a vaccination obligation in countries it flies over. KLM may also be subject to the vaccination obligation in the event that an aircraft encounters problems and has to make an emergency landing.

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