Klopp believes in restarting Premier League: “Football without an audience is possible” | Football

“They were really good duels,” said the German coach. “Nice goals, real battle and exciting matches. For many clubs, there is still a lot at stake in the Bundesliga. The same will happen in England, ”he predicts.

There is as yet no certainty about a possible resumption of the Premier League. The original target date of June 12 may also be moved to June 19 or 26. Or maybe there will be a final adjustment. Klopp doesn’t want to think about it.

“The Bundesliga should serve as an example for the Premier League,” argued the 52-year-old German, former coach of Borussia Dortmund and FSV Mainz. “If you look at it that way, it seems as if it will all be possible again with us. And it is also possible to play football without an audience, as the Bundesliga has shown. ”


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