Kneissl as a columnist on Russian state television

It was already then Russia Today, the English-speaking foreign broadcaster of Russian state television financed by Russian state funds, who was the first to broadcast the pictures out into the world. Now, two years later, is Karin Kneissl again working as a freelance writer and political analyst – and can look forward to an important new client: Russia Today. In the eyes of Western critics in particular, the station is considered the propaganda tool of the Kremlin.

Kneissl becomes a columnist for the broadcaster and published her first column on Friday under the title “A machine as a symbol” automobile and its importance for economic development in and after the Corona crisis.

The ex-politician herself sees no permanent cooperation with the Russian medium: “I am not one of those who want to express themselves regularly. I only do this if it is thematic and on topics where I am firm and have an analysis to offer, ”she told the APA. With regard to the current RT guest comment, she referred to her new non-fiction book “Die Mobilitätswende”, which was published last week in Austria has been published.


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