KNGU extends contracts gymnastics coaches until after Games 2021

The Dutch gymnastics union KNGU has extended the contracts with the national coaches Bram van Bokhoven and Gerben Wiersma until the end of 2021. The coaches Jeroen Jacobs, Daniël Knibbeler, Vincent Wevers and Janneke Wiersma were also told that after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, they still may stay at least a year longer.

The contracts of the six coaches expired at the end of this year. As a result of the corona pandemic, the Games have been moved from next summer to the summer of 2021. “In these difficult times and in everything that is still to come, I really need these top coaches”, says technical director Mark Meijer of the KNGU. “Together we want to perform as well as possible in Tokyo. We have therefore extended the agreements with our six Olympic coaches until the end of next year.”

The Dutch women’s gymnastics team led by Wiersma has qualified as a team for the Games. Bart Deurloo already has an Olympic ticket from the men’s team of Van Bokhoven. Epke Zonderland is also heading for participation in the Games.


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