KNVB comes with new rules against dirty money

Football association KNVB has come up with new rules to combat dirty money and criminal interference with amateur associations. From January 1, it should be prohibited for players to be paid by third parties or transferred more than an expense or volunteer allowance. The intention is that only “pure” amateur players remain and contract players who have player contracts with associations that are registered by the KNV, writes the AD.

The KNVB now states that it is extra alert because clubs can be an even more attractive prey for criminals due to corona – and heavily reduced income. “We know that associations are having a hard time financially”, KNVB board secretary Mark Boetekees told the newspaper. “Checking is very difficult,” he admits. “The agreements are based on ‘high trust, high penalty’: if we find out that there has been a violation, the sanctions are not lenient. You have to think of mandatory relegation and suspension of players for a long time.” He talks about annual random checks.

The KNVB also wants to cooperate more intensively with the tax authorities, among others. Furthermore, the association has the rule that a majority of the board of amateur clubs must consist of non-financiers. These and other rules of the game that the association has drawn up to keep criminals out of the clubs must be better brought to the attention of administrators through better information and personal explanation.

In one in eight amateur sports clubs there were signs of criminal interference in the last two years, but clubs and associations hardly know what to do with it. This has emerged from research by Bureau Bruinsma, the Mulier Institute and Tilburg University, which was carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The investigation came out last Friday.


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