KNVB ‘dumbfounded’ after statements by OMT member about the public

He told the NOS that he did not expect that football could be played ‘in front of packed stands’ in 2021.

The KNVB is baffled by that statement. The football association believes that Voss should await the results of the investigation, which will start this weekend.

“What Voss says is premature, unnecessary and harmful”, says Gijs de Jong, secretary general of the KNVB. “As a scientist he should be open to the results of the experiments and studies. But according to Mr. Voss, we should wait until we are all vaccinated at the beginning of 2022. We want to make improvements step by step, but he already predicts how things will go against it. looks like the end of the year. ”

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport says it cannot yet indicate what is possible when. “It obviously depends on the number of infections and the development of the virus when this is actually possible again.”

NEC – De Graafschap

The experiment will start on Sunday. For the first time, a small group of public is welcome at the NEC – De Graafschap match, under strict conditions. For example, they have to have themselves tested two days before and five days after the competition and they are fitted with a measuring sensor that registers their movements.

Experiments like this should gradually reveal how great the contamination risks are and how they can be contained.

According to the KNVB, it does not suit the research leader to take an advance on the outcome even before the first experiment has started. “Statements that it is doomed to failure are extremely damaging. Clubs are now talking to their season ticket holders for next season. Now the fans are hearing, it is not going to be anything for the time being.”


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