KNVB: testing mandatory from two weeks before the start of the competition Football

A UNA player was told shortly before the start that he had tested positive. The coach was already on its way to Eindhoven. That was the reason for PSV to tighten up the corona protocol. For the time being, the Eindhoven club only wants to play exhibition games if all players have been previously tested for the corona virus. “Although it is not an obligation to test for practice duels and there are no complaints, we decided to make this a condition from now on. That decision was made in consultation with microbiologist Jan Kluytmans of the Amphia Hospital in Breda,” said Gust van Montfort, medical manager of PSV.

The KNVB is happy with its own initiatives and measures, advises the clubs to test already and will take control from two weeks before the start of professional football. “Those two weeks were chosen to ensure the progress of the competition. Players then have time to recover,” said a spokesman.

Earlier, the KNVB already announced that competitions will in principle not be postponed. The only exception to that rule is when a club cannot raise selection.

The first division starts on Friday, August 28 and the premier division on Saturday, September 12.


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