Kocher on short-time work: “No permanent instrument”

The independent economic researcher said he would not have accepted the offer for a ministerial position if he did not consider the coalition agreement to be fundamentally sensible. The question of whether he would also have participated in black and blue is not so easy to answer. “I like this constellation better,” he said, referring to the current ÖVP-Greens government. After being asked whether he wanted to become Minister of Labor, he didn’t think twice because it was necessary for him to take on responsibility. He wants to campaign “that we weaken the consequences of the labor market as much as possible and create employment again after the pandemic”.

In the “ZiB2” of ORF television, Kocher said that he was aiming for “full employment” in the long term, that is the goal of every labor minister. He does not want to announce whether he voted for ÖVP in the last election. He was also covered on the question of the admission of refugees from camps in Greece, a controversial issue between the coalition partners ÖVP and the Greens, as he was not an expert.

The new minister rejects the increase in unemployment benefits from 55 percent of your last income to 70 percent, as demanded by the union. Now is not the time to reform unemployment benefits. A short-term increase would be difficult and unfair if unemployment benefits were reduced to 55 percent after the Corona period.

In any case, care must be made more attractive, but this is not just about wages, but also other factors, said Kocher.


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